Melissa McCarthy, pioneering Boston cop

Variety reports that Melissa McCarthy, last in town for the Ghostbusters remake, will star in a movie about the first women cops in Boston in the 1970s (the real ones, not Raquel Welch, and presumably the real ones issued guns, not the real ones who weren't).

H/t Louise Miller.



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    She played a Boston cop

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    She played a Boston cop before in The Heat and it was funny as hell. I dunno if I love the idea of her switching to more dramatic roles because she is just inherently hilarious.


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    But it is said that comedy is far harder than drama. Other actors were hilarious comedic actors and then great dramatic actors e.g Katherine Hepburn, Jack Lemon, Tom Hanks.

    Here's hopin' for Melissa!

    Well i guess it

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    Can't be any worse the the Ghostbusters remake.