MIT students prove the piano is a percussion instrument

RoadTrip New England took in the Baker House piano drop at MIT today.



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    Aside from the amusing

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    Aside from the amusing absurdity of it all, I hate this!!! Love my old upright... made in a piano factory in Dorchester over a 100 years ago and has been played by 4 generations of my family. Okay I'll lighten up now.

    Sometimes it's all that can

    Sometimes it's all that can be done. I once threw an old upright off my porch. Only three feet, didn't do much. It had a cracked sound board, so wasn't worth the money to fix it. We then tried to take a sledgehammer to it. Also didn't do much.

    Well... don't leave us

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    Well... don't leave us hanging! What did you do with it after you threw it off the porch then took a sledgehammer to it?


    Let it rot for a few years. By then the wood was soft enough to rip the screws out of.