A more classical Boston city seal

Boston city seal in the North End

The entrance to the Nazzaro Community Center on North Bennet Street in the North End is topped by a Boston city seal - accompanied by Mercury (the old god of merchants and trade, whose caduceus can be found on older buildings all over downtown) and Neptune, god of the sea.

Back in the day (the center was built in 1906), municipal architects used to love adorning their buildings with classical symbols (such as bucrania).



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That makes sense!

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I noticed caduceus on a different sea- oriented building recently-- maybe the Cunard Building, on State Street? I didn't put 2 & 2 together , connecting Mercury with travel. Very cool, Adam!


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Adam, I got schooled hard-core by a concerned citizen when I called the sea creatures flanking the seals on the tower piers on the Longfellow Bridge "fish." Never mind the scales and gills, seems that the sculptural term for these creatures is actually dolphins. I fought him long and hard on it until I admitted, begrudgingly, that they are truly called dolphins.

Learn something new every day!

Go figure

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Thanks, I didn't know either, obviously.

I love things like this

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These adornments gave buildings such a mystical, resonant feel, like on is doing something important just by entering them. Today's architects should take note!

Totally agree with your

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Totally agree with your comment.

Beautiful architectural detail -- a lovely treasure!