More than one rider sighs when a Red Line train just dies

People at JFK/UMass on the Red Line after a train dies

"Just another day on the Red Line," Kate O'Toole reports as she watches the hordes at JFK/UMass after everybody was ordered off an inbound train that had just decided life to give up the ghost.



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    More Safer Bike Lanes

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    Bikes - a tried and true technology that requires very little maintenance, doesn't pollute the city and keeps Bostonians healthy.

    It really is a no-brainer.

    I'll say this much

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    If there's one nexus of places and events that is the least sucky, an inbound train dying at JFK/UMASS is the best of the worst. I mean, there is a separate inbound platform with trains that are not affected by the breakdown and there is a track to shunt the dead train to nearby (along with of course the maintenance facilities.)

    Still, It's gotta suck for the Quincy/Braintree people behind this train.