Motorist plows into two pedestrians near Oak Square, drives away

UPDATE: Teenager arrested.

WFXT reports on a crash on Washington Street at Dickinson Road in Brighton tonight that sent two women to the hospital. The driver may have abandoned his vehicle and fled on a T bus.



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Two things can be true at once

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The story also says, "The vehicle was found at least half a mile away and severely damaged". So the driver did hit the pedestrians and drive away for quite some distance.

I still think

"drives away" is the wrong choice. "Flees the scene" would be more appropriate. This is a violent criminal act, not a wrong turn.


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It's only Monday morning, and you're already the front runner in this week's "most pendantic comment on UHub" contest.

Due all around

It's praiseworthy that you have a bug up your ass at 8:27 on Labor Day morning. Congrats! That must have been some bender you had last night.

Leaving the scene of an injury accident

1. that makes it a violent criminal act, because leaving the scene should be considered a criminal act

2. should lead to automatic suspension of license via the same legal proceedings that result in license suspension for refusing a breathalyzer.

3. Just because you used a car to negligently or willfully injure or kill should not give you special rights and reduced responsibilities for your behavior when compared to shooting a gun randomly.

4. repeat after us, Roadman: Driving a car does not make someone special. Driving a car does not make someone special. Driving a car does not make someone special. Driving a car does not make someone special.

Fled on a T bus

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A smart guy, too. Transit Police is probably busying themselves pulling video from the buses in the area.


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Today (9/5) Commissioner Evans stated on the "Jim and Margorie show" on WGBH that he believes that pulling over law breaking drivers should be enough to scare them into driving within the law. The statement was a response to a fellow who was almost hit in a cross walk by a reckless driver. I infer that the submeaning is that ticketing requires more than it is worth.

A few weeks ago I was almost hit by a driver while walking my dog in a crosswalk. The driver was speeding down South Street. He saw me soon enough and swerved. But that nearly resulted in hitting a car that was waiting at the intersection to turn.

At least the driver pulled over. After ungentlemanly words were shouted, and he saw I was ready to call the police if this was to turn into a violent situation, he yelled snitch and fled in his car.

I should note that I could see he was paying attention to his cell phone while speeding. Thankfully he was not fully immersed in his cell phone.

Are warnings enough to deter careless and reckless driving? Don't think so. Shame is useless. So the only stick is money. Tickets.

Perhaps ticketing costs the police department in time, especially when court appearances are required. But that is a problem caused by the legislature in how they fund the court system and how the laws are written. It's also a problem caused by the police union by requiring half day pay for a court appearance even if the appearance requires no more than an hour.

We can not expect reasonable enforcement of quality of life, and life saving laws, as long as the benefit to public policy of saving money outweighs the monetary cost of laws that maintain quality of life and laws that protect lives.

The 2nd world status of pubic transportation is a large example where the cost of saving money is valued higher than the benefit (and cost) of good public transportation.

Environmental regulations that result in higher costs to producers are now considered to be more costly than the quality of life and lives that are maintained and saved by the same regulations. Enabling lower production costs and higher profit by allowing degradation of both environment and employee safety regulations is a devil's bargain that the devil always wins.

Not enforcing traffic laws communicates to people who believe that are above the law that they truly are above the law.