MS-13 member gets 3 1/2 years for attacking members of rival gang

Kevin Ayala

MS-13 member Kevin Ayala, 23, was sentenced today to 42 months in federal prison for his role in shooting one member of the rival 18th Street gang and beating another, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports.

Ayala, a member of the MS-13 Enfermos Criminales Salvatrucha "clique," faces deportation to his native El Salvador when done with his time in federal prison.

According to an indictment used to round up 61 alleged MS-13 members last year, Ayala teamed up with two other MS-13 members to attack their rivals on April 16, 2014 in Chelsea. Their goal was to murder the two, a task at which they failed, however. Ayala pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated assault in February.

Ayala is the latest in a series of MS-13 members to plead guilty and to be sentenced. Still awaiting trial are members charged with several murders, including those of three teenagers in East Boston in 2015 and 2016.



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It's simple

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Read the second paragraph. Once their sentence is done, they're sent packing to El Salvador. We could debate issues around it, but in the end he's off the streets of East Boston forever.


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We could debate immigration, but in theory...

In theory, super (except for

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In theory, super (except for the part where he just becomes a recruiter back home, the whole gang started in CA prisons remember).

In this, the real world, wtf. I don't know if this guy immigrated legally or not, but given how he behaved while he was here, you really think he'll shrug and go "welp got kicked out, better stop trying?" Nah man, nah. He's fine with murder to up his gang standing. Asking him not to come back to the US is like leaving a pile of money on a street corner with a sign that says "please don't take."

Locks keep the honest people out.

I only see the word "faces"

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I only see the word "faces" deportation.... I don't see "will be deported" . Remember, this is Massachusetts. He'll be back living in public housing.

citations needed

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citations needed

Please give us some stats on criminal immigrants living in public housing.

You can't, because it doesn't happen.

Burden of proof is on you

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It doesn't happen??? Are you kidding me? Where do they live then?

As the one who made the original assertion, the burden of proof is on you. So produce.

I've never applied for public housing, but it sure sounds like a mountain of red tape, and quite impossible for an undocumented person. Please get back to us on how undocumented people can secure public housing, and then let us know of the actual cases where they did. I'll wait.

HELLO??? They are not on the

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HELLO??? They are not on the damn lease. I do know plenty of people living in public housing and what they go through with gang members living illegally with family and friends. It makes it very difficult to report crime that is going on because the legal tenant just claims they don't know them. I am not going to prove anything to you but it's the truth. Where else do they live???

What housing programs take

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What housing programs take applications from immigrants?
In Massachusetts, all state housing programs and some federal programs do not have any citizenship or immigration status requirements. If you are an immigrant—no matter what your immigration status is—you may apply to the following housing programs:

There ya go. Just found this on masslegal

"this is Massachusetts"

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I only see the word "faces" deportation.... I don't see "will be deported" . Remember, this is Massachusetts. He'll be back living in public housing.

He won't be deported by Massachusetts, because Massachusetts is not in charge of immigration to the US. You are aware of how this works, right?

I'm not usually one to push

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I'm not usually one to push for longer sentences in general, but what are the odds that a violent gang member is going to have a change of heart and become harmless to release into society in 3.5yrs? Vs going right back to the gang and getting a round of high fives from his little bros?

We have millions of nonviolent offenders who serve longer sentences for idiocy like private marijuana use or straight up mental illness, and we don't have a stellar record of releasing them back into the wild either.

This is... concerning. I really want to know the plan here. Maybe make earlier releases contingent on career planning of some sort? Better housing options for recently released convicts? Because otherwise it's hard to imagine a good outcome here.

The point is why people are

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The point is why people are serving 10+ year sentences for misdemeanors and Massachusetts' asinine "misda-felonies" for non-violent offense which often have no victim while violent felons are doing next to no time for inflicting grievous harm to individuals or the public writ large.

Meanwhile the state senate is working overtime to reclassify some violent felonies as misdemeanors, the AG is trying to criminalize anything she personally disagrees with rather that focusing on statewide or interstate criminal enterprises, and Baker is too busy falling all over himself trying to play nice with every other state level office holder.

Priorities ass backwards from leadership.


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Meanwhile the state senate is working overtime to reclassify some violent felonies as misdemeanors

Cite on this? I'll wait.

Google the minutes of the

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Google the minutes of the public safety committee hearings on the subject of Criminal Justice Sentencing Reform or perhaps attend one of the many public hearings on the subject.

But I suppose you are too lazy and incurious to do so

Only 3 years for shooting

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Only 3 years for shooting someone?? This is ridiculous! No wonder these scumbags aren't afraid of the law.