Make Way for Nazis

WFXT reports the Swan Boats in the Public Garden will be locked down Saturday as a precaution during the planned white-supremacist rally across the street on the Common.

No word yet on whether the Make Way for Ducklings statues will also be sealed off, but the mayor has a press conference scheduled for 10 a.m. on Friday (ed. note: Although, to be honest, if they're shutting down the Frog Pond and the Swan Boats, you might not want to bring little kids anywhere near either park on Saturday).

The racists have also forced the shutdown of Frog Pond and the evacuation of the vendors who sell food and clothes on the Common.

H/t Spitbull for the headline.



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    Too Bad

    Because Mr.Paget, who ran the boats for years, but now has passed on the operations to other family members was in the Navy against the other jerks / allies of the Nazis in WWII, the Japanese. He fought like hell in the Pacific. I'm sure he would be just stern enough to tell where these rednecks could go. He was a great guy to work for.

    By the way, lots of people are now losing a day's pay because of the actions of the Bubba division of the John Birch Society/NRA/Jeff Diehl voting block Saturday. Free Speech (Yup, sure) / Nazis piss off, some people have to make rent.

    Losing a day's pay

    Wasn't a problem until government made it one. What citizen who has a job on a sunny Saturday on Boston Common asked a city official to bar them from plying their trade that day?

    sooo they don't get shot or beaten with bars?

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    these "freedom" fighters show up with heavily armed paramilitary guards. Things could get dicey. Public safety and all that - don't you have cable dude? lots of news in the last week or so....


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    Boston Police know what they're doing, so I'm not knocking security precautions, but this is not Charlottesville, we're not getting hundreds of Rambo wannabes loaded down with armament (you do realize we're not an open-carry state, right?), we're getting a bunch of whiny college students who play tough on the Internet. And even if we did get a bunch of Rambo wannabes, again, this is not Charlottesville - Boston Police won't put up with any bullshit and will take care of business.

    They haven't been barred from doing anything. They agreed to it.

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    These are private concerns that have received a license from the City to use these public spaces, the Common and Public Garden. The licensing agreements that allow them to profit from use of the public spaces also allows the licensor (the City) to close them out of necessity from time to time. They went into it eyes wide open.

    No, the alternative was

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    "You can agree to the terms of the license issued to you to use publicly owned and managed property, or we'll grant it to another vendor who will and you can go conduct business elsewhere."

    We can do this all day

    The licenses weren't necessary until government said they were. What about this remains elusive? You're not bothered in the least that somebody who's trying to work for a living is told "you will do this under our terms and we'll drive you out of work whenever we feel like it and if you try to work, we'll send armed men after you?"

    I'm on the side of working people and markets. I'm on the side of the grown adult vendor deciding for themselves whether or not Nazis scare them and not needing for government to make that decision for them.

    At least the Teamsters actually drive a truck after bullying you into giving them money to do it. Government is consistently the answer to a question that nobody asked. And if somebody did ask, it's a person who has enough money already.

    Yes, we sure can.

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    You seem to have very little understanding of how real estate or contracting law works (or really the role we have given the City as steward of our public spaces is). The licenses are necessary. They protect the use of public space on the Common, etc. They are permission by an owner (in this case the City) to another party to use the property it owns or holds in trust (in this case, the Common and Public Garden). As owner the licensor sets the rules and the licensee agrees and then the license is issued. It works the same whether it is public or private property. For example, if I own an amusement park and say, McDonalds approaches me to open a restaurant in my amusement park, and I agree to license them, I will set the terms of the license as licensor. If McDonald's agrees to the terms of the license, a license will be granted. If there's a clause in the license that says, for example, McDonald's must close during certain events at the management of the amusement park's discretion, it must close when the management tells them to do so. It doesn't matter if the licensor is the government, or a private entity.

    It's the law.

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    You cry about the law more than anyone. You've even committed Jim Carrey's character from "Liar Liar" to memory and quote him saying, "stop breaking the law, asshole!" I guess the law only applies when it's convenient for you.

    What I learned about the John Birch society...

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    Is that the father of the Koch Brothers was an early member of the John Birch society. The book Democracy in Chains is a fascinating history of the extreme right. That includes names well known today include Charles Koch, the Cato Institute and lesser known but equally important contributors to the rise of the extreme right.

    One caveat though: I don't know if the Koch brothers would support American Nazis and other extremists. But their desire to eliminate government shows an interesting intersection with Trump's philosophy of government.


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    Drumpf's father was arrested while rioting with the KKK in the 1920s.

    Can you show me evidence of

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    Can you show me evidence of the Koch brothers "desire to eliminate the government?" I didn't know Libertarian meant "no government."

    Trump is hardly a true conservative or libertarian. He was a registered Democrat and has donated to both parties. I think most will agree he's too stupid to state the principles or values or either party. He's a total fraud.

    Lots of books on the Kochs

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    Nancy Mayer has done significant work on the history of the Kochs. A very readable book on them and their role in the promotion of anti-government and neoliberal market fundamentalist philosophy is "Dark Money." She also wrote a widely regarded report in the New Yorker a few years ago which was later expanded into the book. You might be able to Google the New Yorker article.

    Naomi Klein also talks about this a bit in her recent book "No Is Not Enough."

    There have also been academic research studies on this but they are locked behind publishing paywalls, so I won't bother looking for them.

    The extreme anti-government philosophy espoused by Charles and David Koch, as well as several others in the president's circle of supporters and advisors, has been well documented.

    While we have em

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    Let's be real, most of these shit gabbons will probably be coming down from New Hampshire and the back woods of Maine.

    Which sucks, because those states and their citizens are mostly pretty awesome.

    Point taken

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    Which sucks, because those states and their citizens are mostly pretty awesome.

    I couldn't agree with you more


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    This will be the biggest nothing burger of all time.

    oh NO. THE STATUES. "Sealed Off" ain't the half of it

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    Whatever you do, don't read up on the history of those statues. Turns out that Barbara Bush presented a replica of the ducklings statues to THE RUSSIANS OH MY GOD. This means that the statues represent fraternization between Republicans and THE RUSSIANS.

    Obviously those statues need to be taken down immediately.

    Damn Ruskies

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    They're always interfering in our lives somehow. This is an outrage.

    Its important to point out

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    Its important to point out that although sometimes they may overlap, the folks calling for the dismantling of confederate statues are not the neoliberal corporatist democrats trying to provoke another cold war with Russia.

    Again with the cause-effect

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    not the neoliberal corporatist democrats people who are paying attention to what is really going on trying pointing out that Russia is trying to provoke another cold war with Russia United States.

    Fixed that for you.

    So weird to me that...

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    Neoliberalism has entered the zeitgeist within the past couple of years as if it's only a democratic problem when neoliberalism has been the MO of the United States essentially since the end of WWII, Republican or Democrat. I'm not sure how we've gotten to this level of trying to rewrite history.

    Im not trying to rewrite

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    Im not trying to rewrite history and I know about the long term neoliberal plan among elites of all political parties. I'm just pointing out that the democrats who can't take the blame for losing the election to a reality TV show host are neoliberals in political ideology.

    Classic Boston Conundrum

    How can one be morally opposed to all the Supremacist groups represent yet still feel obligated to yell "Yankees Suck!"?


    I get to a dozen-plus games at Fenway every year,

    and I don't hear "Yankees Suck" very often anymore. (Always hated that chant: the Yanks most decidedly didn't suck, were and are the winningest franchise in Big Four sports history, and the big-payroll canard was entirely hypocritical here by the 90s.)

    2004 -- still the greatest year of my life as a Boston sports fan, especially after 2003, still the darkest year of my life as a Boston sport fans -- and 2007 and 2013 led most of us out of our long, dark night of butt-hurt. The Celts, the Bruins, and especially the Pats championships of recent years also contributed to the city losing that heavy chip on our collective shoulder.

    Sox-Yankees series have some juice this year for the first time in a while, which is fun. Dem Bombers gotta lotta talented youts -- I'm sorry, your honor: yooouthes -- will give us trouble for the next few years. Looking forward to this weekend, though I suspect that regardless of the outcome, both teams are headed for the post-season. Grateful for a meaningful rivalry again.

    Why are we

    Letting these clowns shut our city down? I get the need for security and safety, but there has to be a better way than handing them small wins like this. All they want is attention, and this just gives them more. It'd be awesome if we could let them have their little circle jerk on the Common and everyone just completely ignored them. Like, not even a cursory glance. It'd never happen, but would be amazing.

    Because the city, state, and

    Because the city, state, and police do not want what happened in Charlottesville to repeat itself here. And if someone does get hurt they are the first to be blamed. So really who can blame the city for its preparation.

    Give them an inch?

    You are aware that these scumbags paraded all over Charlottesville with torches chanting Nazi slogans, menaced a synagogue with automatic weapons, and physically attacked clergy, aren't you?

    No, you can't just give the Nazis free reign in Boston. Buildings are close together, and if they are allowed to set one on fire, it will spread. Police here must be ready. I expect there will be buses lined up for the inevitable arrests.

    Camera ready

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    Police here must be ready. I expect there will be buses lined up for the inevitable arrests.

    I hope the White Supremacist Lite idiots have their little gathering of the feebleminded and then slink off home, but if they do get rowdy and BPD starts loading the buses, I promise to organize the "na na hey hey goodbye" chorus. Film at 11.

    Never said

    give them free reign. I said let them have their little gathering for which they (unfortunately) have the permit. But that shutting down a major area of the city and the attention they're getting are wins for them, and it's horrible.

    Nobody wants another Charlottesville.

    500 officers

    Should be enough to prevent another Charlottesville. That and not letting the Nazis carry weapons.

    "All they want"

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    All they want is attention

    I've heard this assertion made so many times in the past week, and never once by anyone who had any first-hand experience or qualifications to make that statement. Ask your elders, if they're still around; ask a history book if they're not. Nazis and KKK have always wanted a lot more than "attention". Don't dishonor the memory of their victims with such twaddle.

    Make Way for Nazis?

    I read that when I was a kid. The characters were named Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, and Quack.

    Nazi Ducks?

    They are named Jack (Boot), Jack (Boot), Jack (Boot), Jack (Boot), Jack (Boot), Jack (Boot), Jack (Boot), Jack (Boot).

    Or maybe, Make Way for Dopey,

    Fatally Gullible-y, Tragically Got Lost in 4Chan-y, Failed by His Underfunded Public School System-y, Pissed That Bitches Won't Talk to Me, his twin brother 8,000 Hours Shamefully Fapping to Cuck Porn-y, Vaguely Anxious about the Overlap between Hitler Youth Hair and Stylish Gay Men Hair-y, Couldn't Pull Off the Skinhead Punk Look and Thus Grateful for the White Polo and Khakis Uniform-y, and of course, the big fat one out front, Steve Bannon.


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    Love it when people defend... literal Nazis.

    "Mommy, daddy can we ride the

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    "Mommy, daddy can we ride the swan boats?"
    "Sorry kid. Some brats from 100 miles outside Boston want to throw a temper tantrum in the Common because they lost a war 150 years ago"
    "Im a child and even I know it's pathetic to think you are entitled to an easy life because you were accidentally born white. Didn't their parents teach them fairness? Why did they think voting for a trust fund brat would benefit low class people like themselves?"

    Make way for Nazis

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    According to reports, the Free Speech group attending is just over 100 attendees. Counter protestors marching from the Reggie Lewis center and other areas is estimated to be well over 10K. Counter protestors are also posting on social media that they will be armed with various weapons to include firearms. Some are also claiming that they will be using containers of acid to target the "Free Speech group" as well as law enforcement. In a flyer that has been widely circulated, the counter protest group has included what they believe are white supremacy symbols. Among these symbols, they included the LE symbols "The thin blue line" and the American flag "thin blue line".

    It appears that officials believe that the expected much larger number of counter protestors will be the more 'disruptive' group and to avoid a child / public safety issues, they decided to close certain venues.

    The media as well as public officials seem to be ramping this rally/protest up for their own benefits.

    Good luck to BPD and other LEs that are charged with controlling this event.


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    Counter protestors are also posting on social media that they will be armed with various weapons to include firearms. Some are also claiming that they will be using containers of acid to target the "Free Speech group" as well as law enforcement. In a flyer that has been widely circulated, the counter protest group has included what they believe are white supremacy symbols. Among these symbols, they included the LE symbols "The thin blue line" and the American flag "thin blue line".

    If there is a word of truth to any of this, you'll be able to provide links and citations. I'll wait.

    i did find this in the globe

    With days to go before the rally, police are investigating reports that some radical counterprotesters are planning to bring acid to throw at rally-goers, even at police, a law enforcement official with knowledge of the warnings said. The official is not authorized to discuss the intelligence publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

    But I can't find any threats on social media. It seems like a whisper campaign.

    The officer spoke on condition of anonymity

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    Yah, that's a truly reliable and factual "source ". Rule One when interpreting today's media - ALWAYS question the validity of information or claims provided by "sources" who hide behind the idiotic "spoke on condition of anonymity " disclaimer.

    please paste a link

    What counter protesters are bringing firearms, acid and other weapons? Try reading those press releases again. Comissioner Evans has outlined a plan to partner with community leaders to stand peacefully against racism.

    Citations please

    Please document the following with links:

    Counter protestors are also posting on social media that they will be armed with various weapons to include firearms. Some are also claiming that they will be using containers of acid


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    Why are you allowing obvious anonymous propaganda to be posted willy nilly?

    If there was some actual proof maybe, but this is blatantly apparent.

    Hey, what happened to Screwy? Asked for proof of

    his outrageous claims, which if they're posted to social media should be easy to provide, and maybe a photo of the alleged flyer, he just... disappeared.

    I'm starting to wonder if maybe Screwy is just another cowardly, lying, transparent neo-Nazi sympathizer.

    Come baaaack, Screwwwwyyyyyy! (So we can ridicule you some more, you pathetic fucknugget.)

    Sorry I haven't responded

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    Sorry I haven't responded quick enough for some of you, but as a full time employee, I can't monitor this blog as often as others can.Some of the remarks by keyboard warriors have deteriorated my motivation to continue the conversation.

    Get Back to us on Tuesday

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    After your boss spots you wearing a dreadful flag and saluting on the live feed.

    I normally wouldn't want to

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    I normally wouldn't want to politicize a beloved book/monument, but if I could knit or sew I'd be making little 82nd Airborne Division uniforms for the ducklings right now.

    Fair Warning

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    My son works for an IT contractor. They have been told that they will be fired if they go to this rally. This came with a quotation of the exact phrase about working in a diverse workplace that they agreed to when they took the job, and a copy of their signed form.

    He thinks that somebody has either been talking trash or has been visiting Daily Stormer on the company networks.