A neighborhood bursts into song

Roslindale Porchfest band

Them City Ducks on Belgrade Avenue.

More than 100 bands and performers played on porches and in driveways across Roslindale today during the third annual Roslindale Porchfest.

On Beech Street, homeowner Jen Goldston joined in with one of them there City Ducks:

Jen Goldston on piano

These kids were Born Yesterday (Photo by Gary C.):

Born Yesterday

On Belgrade Avenue, jazz keyboardist Patrice Monahan jammed with some local musicians:

Patrice Monahan
Guy on flute



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some not so entertained

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from Boston 311, earlier this afternoon:

Walter Street

"Noise complaint. Loud band playing on front porch. Trying to sleep. I work nights"

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Do they also file complaints for similarly loud leaf blowers and lawn mowers and saws and powerwashers other motor-powered sorts of things that many people bring out on a Saturday?

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Big difference between a lawn

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Big difference between a lawn mower and a live band or bands playing all day long. Geez twirly, you're so quick to dismiss others complaints yet you constantly moan and groan about YOUR issues all day long.

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Big Difference = Bands are Quieter

We have an event like this and we also have the landscaping nonsense. And the soccer games and the HS band practices and airplanes, too!

I'll take the porch parties over the rest any day!

You have clearly never worked from home if you haven't experienced the Joy of Unmuffled Landscaping from 7am on. Must be nice to live in Vermont or Bumfuck, NH - which you must since you clearly have no idea.

My son worked nights all summer - never had a problem with any of it. There are these things called earplugs that work great. It is what is called "living in a city".

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Medford has a Porchfest?

I know about Somerville, Arlington, JP, Roslindale, Brookline, Quincy, and Plum Island, but ... when was Medford's?

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Two Outdoor Concert Spaces

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Similar levels of noise from Hormel, Condon Shell

Also some local jams not advertised.

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A lawnmower is a long steady

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A lawnmower is a long steady drone, even if the decibel level is louder. Music starts, stops, has voices - it's harder to zone out.

Working nights is hard, and most people who do it already use earplugs and blackouts and have adjusted to the fact that the rest of the world is awake and doesn't give a shit. Adding in what's essentially an outdoor concert can make it really tough. A little empathy for ANYONE who has a different perspective from you isn't going to kill you, Swirls.

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This is 2017

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They would have really attracted crowds if they performed vulgar raps. Old white people performing hoaky folk music ain't where it's at.

And I feel for the individual who worked nights; this shouldn't be going on in primarily residential neighborhoods.

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One might argue these sorts of things are what make it a neighborhood. I live in roslindale and i heard no more noise from this than I do on a typical Saturday from lawnmowers or kids playing or the ice cream truck.

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Just what we need

Just what we need, some self-absorbed millenial telling us what music we should like.

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As opposed to ...

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the self-absorbed babyboomers who have been doing the same thing for a half-century?

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