New downtown commuting option?

Adam Castiglioni watched testing today of the Greenway's new summer zip-line ride. He reports one of the zippers was ISD head Buddy Christopher.



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    What if someone falls and

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    What if someone falls and lands on the sharp top of the chainlink fence? Shouldn't that be padded just in case?

    Good to see

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    Some whimsical fun in the city.

    They just announced a beer garden opening up soon.

    Wow, Boston.

    eight bucks?

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    The last crowd crew will enjoy flashing while riding the zip line. Motorists who are distracted by bicycle riders, tour buses, jaywalkers and segways will love being distracted as the zip line flys by their heads. Where does the money go?


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    Why does everything in Boston have to be done so much more unimpressively and crappily than other cities do it?