New pedestrian bridge begins to swoop across Storrow Drive

Appleton Bridge over Storrow Drive

Troublewithtribbles reports the first span of the new Frances Appleton pedestrian bridge across Storrow Drive from Beacon Hill to the Esplanade went up overnight. It's scheduled for completion by August. Frances Appleton, you may recall, married Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - and the new bridge is part of the Longfellow Bridge reconstruction work.

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    Great to see but …

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    It would have been nice for this to have been an earlier action item, not to have sat as a construction site for the last two years. (Maybe there are good reasons this didn't happen.)


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    Actually, no its not more profitable to drag a construction project out for years, especially where the contractor has no right to delay costs.

    There's an old union

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    There's an old union expression that may apply here-don"t kill the job.


    Can’t say they were good reasons, but there were definitely circumstances that delayed this part of the project.

    Glad to see it finally getting installed. And I love the naming of it for Fanny.

    Who is doing what

    At the moment I believe the bridge and the ped bridge are one construction project. At the last Longfellow meeting I asked and was told that 'everything' has to be done by June '18 - so there was no rush to finish the ped bridge earlier


    A parkway so leisurely and limited in speed that the only way across is 15 feet over it.

    Yeah, as I was crawling on

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    Yeah, as I was crawling on Fresh Pond Parkway last week, I kept thinking "This is nice... for no one at all". I'm an avid outdoors person, I love green spaces, but I think the purpose of our Parkways has been left behind by modern times (honestly, the concept of driving for entertainment boggles my mind - you're in a steel cage, ffs!). They're major thoroughfares these days. And the fact that DCR does little about speed, crosswalk, or red light enforcement makes them so much worse.

    "Driving as entertainment"

    Once upon a time -- within my lifetime, even -- driving could be a pleasure. Picture driving on 128 in Waltham with no other cars in sight. Or Rte 2, or 3. FPP probably only in the very early morning.
    It really is a whole different experience when you don't have to pay attention to what that fallible human in the other car is doing. The spoilsports in the legislature even made a law against "aimless driving."

    I try to drive as little as

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    I try to drive as little as possible. But when I do need to drive north-south in West Cambridge, outside of the afternoon rush Fresh Pond Parkway is by far the most pleasant way to go.

    Took a look at it today from

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    Took a look at it today from the sidewalk of the Longfellow. It only covers the outbound side of Storrow (and it's far from complete for even that portion, no bridge deck or anything).

    Would be cool if they just complete the one side first, to allow for stunts and stuff off the dead end and over the inbound side of Storrow.

    Looks nice. But my first

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    Looks nice. But my first thought is: will it make it quicker and more pleasant to cross the road? If it adds distance due to its location or ramp length, I'm no longer in favor.