New Yorker sick to death of Red Sox fans running his city

Gordon Edes photographed a guy collecting signatures for somebody in Washington Square Park in Manhattan with a sign reading "Let's stop making Red Sox fans NYC mayor!"

Although the current mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, was born in Manhattan, he grew up in Cambridge (and went to Cambridge Rindge and Latin with Patrick Ewing). And the guy before him, Mike Bloomberg, is a Medford boy.




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      Do tell

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      Who is from Chicago besides Ayanna Pressley, and Michelle Wu?

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      Have We Got A Candidate For You!

      Best slogan for NYC Mayor's Race - If you loved Reggie Jackson, you are going to love Tito Jackson. Go Tito Go, because you haven't a prayer in the 22 wards of Boston politics.

      Does NYC want another Yankees fan as Mayor? The last Yankee fan as Mayor decided to make the world a more paranoid place with his never ending 9/11 theatrics.

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      Looks like our New York

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      Looks like our New York colony wants independence. Better tax their lattes and force them to buy stamps for their paperwork.

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