News that just can't be bottled up any longer: Sullivan's could expand to the Children's Museum Milk Bottle

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that the Castle Island-based Sullivan's is looking to take over operation of the giant Hood Milk Bottle outside the Children's Museum.



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I just hope this expansion

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I just hope this expansion won't affect the quality of the food. I love Sullivan's and my family has been customer for generations.

"quality of the food"?

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I love Sullys as well, but really, it's fried seafood and hot dogs/hamburgers, not gourmet cuisine. I'm pretty sure it will be just fine.

Fried seafood. Look what

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Fried seafood. Look what happened to Kelly's. Last 3 times we went the oil tasted like it was sitting there forever and my clams looked sad. Never again.

Didn't you know?

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It's a magic milk bottle, with a portal to another dimension where grills and deep fryers fit into the size of a small closet.

Destination: Sullys!

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That would be nice for that area to make the milk bottle more of a destination. I couldn't even tell you what they sell now...just ice cream??

Ice Cream?!?!

You make it sound like that's a bad thing. That's kinda what I would expect from a giant dairy bottle.

Walks up to milk bottle...

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Walks up to milk bottle...

"I'd like to get an ice cream please."

Sorry sir, we only sell hot dogs.

"Ok. Well, where can I get ice cream around here?"

Walk in that direction until you see a building shaped like a hot dog.

Last I looked, it was a mini

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Last I looked, it was a mini Au Bon Pain. Sullivan's would be a great addition to the neighborhood, and especially with the burgers and hot dogs, a lunch price point that's hard to hit around Fort Point. [You got $5 for lunch? You go to Metro. Next step up is the Shake Shack, and then you're hitting the $9 sandwiches at Flour and the $10 salads at Sweetgreen [$12 if you want chicken].] Not sure how they could do all that cooking in the milk bottle, though, even seeing how food trucks operate. I'm probably hoping for too much with the fried clams and lobster rolls ...

Nothing seems to stay open in there very long

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I used to work near the milk bottle, and, unless things have changed, nothing stays open in there very long. A few times they tried to sell sandwiches and hot dogs in there but it never lasted. Most of the time it's empty. Who owns it anyway?

Great Addition

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There really isn't a kid-friendly lunch option in the area. Au Bon Pain, Metro, Flour - where else can you take a tired five year old for lunch?

Early 90's

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I worked in the area in the early 90's (92-94). Whoever the vendor was then made a great pasta salad in a pita. Don't know who they were but that was good summer fare.

Sullivan's location

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Sullivan's current location is part of the ambiance which in my opinion makes the hot dogs, burgers and fries taste special! Watching ships and planes come and go near the fishing pier while chowing on their food is an experience.

Great move

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Keep them down Fort Point and out of City Point.

Tough parking here

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There is not enough parking to support a small food business at this location. McDonalds and Hood Milk Bottle could not survive here. Customers are not going to Uber or walk here to get a hotdog or ice cream cone. But, good luck to Sully's for trying.