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Associated Press wins today's headline award for a story about an archaeological dig in the North End that may have uncovered Paul Revere's outhouse.



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Because we never knew before this that people in the 18th century actually used outhouses. Now we can all sleep better at night because of this incredible discovery.

yes, it significant

Because most people don't know that household trash was also thrown out in the houthouses, so finding pottery, plates and other interesting things that have been sitting a few feet underground for 200 years is pretty cool.

Point taken

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However, perhaps they should wait until they actually find some significant artifacts before announcing "Wowie, wowie - we found the remnants of an outhouse."

Chaosjake's post below would appear to support this point of view.

Why the snark? I find the dig

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Why the snark? I find the dig fascinating and am glad Adam and other local news outlets are covering it. Much better than only hearing about crime and the opiod crisis.

Enthusiasm perhaps premature

From the city archaeologist's Instagram:

We have a bit of a Geraldo Rivera moment... Our privy appears to be only 3 feet deep, not the expected 6. It also appears to have been cleaned out completely before being filled around 1850 with rubble.

Listened to an interesting

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Listened to an interesting podcast re: outhouses recently.

In the south apparently a huge portion of the population was infected with hookworm and this massively effected the IQ and effort put forth by southern peoples as a side effect of the infection.

Was not until mass usage of indoor plumbing that it was truly stopped.

Hookworm is still a massive issue in the 3rd world and has a direct impact on IQ and 'effort'.

Random, off topic, but interesting?

The holier than thou attitude

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The holier than thou attitude is a real bad look, especially when commenting on a group of people living in abysmal poverty.

The reality is hookworm rates are tremendously low, the article you link is based on a survey of 54 households in a targeted area, concerning? ABSOLUTELY. A sign of widespread issues? No.

The fact that so many in the Boston area share your scummy attitude is a real shame. Especially considering the vectors with which hookworm is most commonly caught.

*puts on public health hat*

We don't know that "hookworm rates are incredibly low"

We do know that many in southern states IN PARTICULAR are living with the problem of open sewage - which combines with the climate and the poverty to raise hookworm levels.

We also know that a civilized, technologically advanced, and highly affluent country SHOULD BE ENTIRELY FREE OF HOOKWORM.

I can also say that educated states that give a fuck don't end up with open sewage problems outside of accidents and that poverty can be alleviated with funding for specific targeted programs to take care of the problem. See also "Title 5", which has made enormous strides in remediation of leaking septage problems in the commonwealth through regulation and funding for retrofits

I have a doctoral degree in these things so I'm more than qualified to make these statements. You?

Take that!

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Facts and reason for the win! BAM!

I am confused as to where we

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I am confused as to where we disagree?

I was calling out the person replying to me for being a schmuck.

Glad your super special tho, keep it up?

But still

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Newsworthy story or not, Adam had to run it just to print that headline.