No Bostonian would sack Tom Brady, right?

Tom Brady pedestrian-crossing sign

Somebody keeps running over the school-crossing sign near the Ellis School on Walnut Avenue in Roxbury. WalkBoston reports some enterprising soul - teacher Sam Balto - has put TB12's visage atop the sign to see if that can keep it safe.



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Now add a cam

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Point it at license plate height - second one to pick up the nearly illegible green number plate on the back.

Given that the sign is totally non-standard

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to begin with, I doubt adding Tom Brady's head to it will make much difference.

And if the sign keeps getting hit so much, then perhaps it shouldn't be placed unprotected in the middle of the road in the first place.



If you can't manage to avoid a narrow object between the two lanes you shouldn't be driving.


In a small sedan, perhaps.

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But consider somebody driving a larger truck. Or somebody who, as most of us were taught in driving school to do, positions their car closer to the center line than to the right curb.

But we all know that, in your utopia, everyone drives at exactly the speed limit and centers their vehicle perfectly within the lane.

Regardless, a sign placed unprotected in the middle of the street is still an UNNECESSARY hazard.


"Don't hit stuff with your car" seems like the absolute most basic rule of driving. It's not like the sign was painted black and jumped out between parked cars.

What's the point of any regulations if you're willing to give people a pass for hitting an easily avoidable object on a residential street, irrespective of how or why it got there.


Yes, Don't hit stuff with your car.

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But also don't INTENTIONALLY put stuff in the road that can be easily hit by a car or truck, even if it's designed to deflect if somebody hits it, unless you have a REALLY GOOD reason for doing so (like cones or drums to block off a work area). And if you consider this necessary and acceptable, then why aren't more traffic signs placed unprotected in the middle of the road.

With respect, the FACT that this sign apparently keeps getting hit tells me that, instead of automatically blaming inattentive drivers for the problem, maybe we should reconsider the need for the installation in the first place. Sadly, so many people (like community leaders and politicians) have become so focused on the "Sure, it'll automatically improve safety" mentality that they throw common sense and good judgment out the window.

Just learn to drive

And it won't be a problem.

Or, if you can't learn to drive, get off the road. There are alternatives to driving into things.


same here

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i would enjoy running over a pic of a person that said trump would make a good president. what a clown brady is...oh yea, and he cheats.

Go Steelers!

- A Bostonian

Not a Bostonian

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You're a shit-stirring fake and everyone knows it. Go back to whatever burb you really call home.


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fact: tom brady cheated
fact: brady said a person that mocked a veteran for being a PoW would make a good president.
fact: I live in boston and pay property taxes and vote in all elections, making me a true bostonian.

go steelers! go NFL players that like our veterans!

Someone loves Ben Rothlesberger

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Compared to what the Steelers QB has been accused of, Tom Brady is the saint some Pats fans think he is.

But hey, you gotta root for the POS QB on your team, right?

Somebody might run it down

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Somebody might run it down the same way he runs down his teammates or coaches on the sideline if he's pissed off?

No. Gronk indeed had the

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No. Gronk indeed had the recent unsportsmanlike-conduct hit on an opponent.

But I was talking about Brady, who has the unfortunate tendency to lose his temper sometimes when things go wrong. Getting mad isn't the problem. Showing-up your teammates or coach by berating them in the huddle or on the sideline, taking it out on them, etc... is running them down. Should happen behind closed doors (if at all). He's been doing it for years (hardly alone among megastars in doing so, unfortunately).

Greatest Of All Time? Probably. It'd be a stretch to make a case for any other QB. When he treats people like that, though, he's just a goat.

Lots to admire about him. If I was teaching or coaching kids, I'd be holding Brady up as a great example in things like persistence, practice, study, conditioning, and precision (to name a few qualities). At the same time, I'd be making clear that how someone treats people is just as important and that portion of the Brady record isn't admirable and isn't to be emulated.

You keep using that word...

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an inclination toward a particular characteristic or type of behavior.
"for students, there is a tendency to socialize in the evenings"
synonyms: propensity, proclivity, proneness, aptness, likelihood, inclination, disposition, predisposition, bent, leaning, penchant, predilection, susceptibility, liability; More

Feel free to provide examples of this "tendency" you speak of.

Go to your TV. Watch a

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Go to your TV. Watch a Patriots game. Wait until somebody on offense screws up (happens less often than most teams) and they miss an easy score or have a turnover or have to punt - sometimes it's a receiver who runs the wrong route or drops an easy pass, less frequently it's Brady himself not seeing an open man and throwing into coverage.

Watch as the offensive unit goes back to the huddle or gathers at the bench. They've got so many cameras on these games the networks point one at the bench. Sometimes - not all the time or even most of the time, but often enough to be noticeable - Brady loses his (*%#. Not a brief snap at somebody: "Hey, Fred, get your head in the game - you gotta catch those!", but angrily berating them.

tendency: an inclination toward a certain line of action (whether or not the action follows), and is often the result of inherent qualities, nature, or habit