No mayoral debate tonight: Neither candidate would cross a picket line

Both Marty Walsh and Tito Jackson pulled out of a debate planned for Channel 4 tonight because of a contract tiff between the station and union members over pay for longtime workers, the Globe reports. The union, an IBEW local, had planned a picket line.



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Color me cynical, but....

What immediately springs to mind was, "Marty doesn't want to debate; his buddies at IBEW throw up a picket line; Marty can now back out saving face."


Yes but

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If Marty wasn't there.. who would Tito debate?

That's a given

Jackson also said he wouldn't cross a picket line, either.

Of course. Knowing that neither candidate is going to cross the picket line using the IBEW to cancel the debate is a perfect judo move.



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It's so blatant. Big political machine Mahty is about to start pulling every hack move in the book.

No win for Tito

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Sure, but it's a no win for Tito. Crossing a picket line is optically terrible.

Dirty play by Marty, but effective.

It is quite a coincidence

And Marty has yet to debate any challenger.

I don't see what he's so afraid of. I'm pretty sure, if he did debate and made a bunch of gaffes, he would still beat Tito.

Will Walsh back out of the remaining debate?

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Walsh declined Tito's offer to reschedule the Friday night debate, and declined Tito's offer to schedule two more in addition. Will Walsh back out of the remaining debate?