No more board of selectmen in Brookline

No, don't worry, the B-town isn't getting all Framinghamized and turning into a city. Town Meeting tonight voted to change the name of the town's top board from Board of Selectmen to Select Board, Town Meeting Member Michael Burstein (who'd proposed changing the name to Board of Selectwomen) reports.



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    Turning Brookline into a city

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    Turning Brookline into a city, just think they will have some type of rent control, no more $2500 per month studio apartments.
    They can have their own EMT service, city councilors, probably build mini skyscrapers and compete with South Boston waterfront. There are more millionaires living in Boston than Brookline.

    The next Boston City Council President will likely be... ?

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    Predictions please! The next Boston City Council President elected by the Councilors will likely be...
    1) Zakim?
    2) or Wu?
    3) or Pressley?
    4) or O'Malley?
    5) or McCarthy?

    6) or Janey?
    7) or Flynn?
    8) or Flaherty?
    9) or Essaibi George?
    10) or Edwards?

    11) or Ciommo?
    12) or Campbell?
    13) or Baker?

    Current reading...

    and Charter

    2017 Records Management practices.

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    Records Management practices need improving at metropolitan area City Councils and at metropolitan area Towns' similar Legislative Boards and at metropolitan area School Committees.

    For example Open Data can be made available in an online Table/Chart of Roll Call Votes in the 2017 Public Meetings by topic/by Councilor/by other interesting parameters.

    Software used for Records Management can be updated for 2017. City Clerks Offices and Town Clerks Offices have been behind the times using up to date software for municipalities' Open Data.

    Good news!

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    Obviously Brookline has tackled all the serious and pressing matters and has moved on to tertiary issues. Good job!


    Meh. There was nothing wrong with the old name. But if this minor change helps people think the government is more diverse and open to everyone, more power to them.

    It's not like they made a radical change like allowing overnight on-street parking or perhaps signing a peace treaty with their arch nemesis, Allston.

    Better news!

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    Obviously you have tackled all the serious and pressing matters in your life and have moved on to carping over organizations adopting names that better reflect reality. How can I be more like you?


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    I have plenty of crap in my life to deal with...that's why I'm here, to avoid dealing with it for 5 minutes.


    The race is in support of woman's health issues. It was never the category of runners.

    Not really

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    It generally promotes "women's health and fitness," but doesn't really support women's health charities. They give a fairly small donation ($10,000) to a different charity each year, not necessarily involving women's health. It's always been primarily a race for women to run (see and is usually the USATF Women's 10 km Championship race.

    As somewho has run the race...

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    and knows a bit about it....huh?

    So back to my original post. If we are going after the word "men" when women are present, say on a board, and if men are allowed to run in the Tuft's 10K, which they are, then the name "women" should be dropped from the race name. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, no?

    The Selected.

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    Or the Board of the Selected. Or are they the Elected? Or the Elect? The Select? Anyway good to see a change.