No rara avis: Dead train at Davis

File this under: When it rains, it pours, except the rain isn't supposed to come until tomorrow: At various points this morning, Red Line trains died at Davis, Central and Wollaston. The T current reports "moderate" delays.



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    Response from MBTA lacking

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    I was on the train, it was not a moderate delay. They were unable to shut the door on a train and needed to move all of the passengers to a different car. While fixing the issue there were no messages from the conductor and they continued to let other passengers board. A few very easy steps to alleviate the congestion. 1.) Communicate with passengers to let them know REALISTICALLY how long you expect the delays will last. This will let people make other arrangements - Uber, Hubway, the 77 bus, etc. 2.) Inform people to take their backpacks off to make room for other people. This is way more useful than "See something, say something". 3.) Tell other people to wait for the following train instead of stuffing everyone in. Communicating with passengers doesn't cost anything and it goes a long way.

    At least #3 is an option nowadays

    Back before the countdown clocks came into service, it was hard to trust when the doorperson would tell people "stand clear of the doors - there's another train directly behind us" - "directly" in MBTASpeak could easily mean 5-10 minutes.

    And even now the countdown clock doesn't help much heading westbound from Boylston and points north with their "X stops away" messages.

    The clocks are also not very

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    The countdown clocks are also not very helpful during delays. The trains will often be "2 minutes" away for 10+ minutes, during moderate delays.

    Good Point

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    Good point, and to add, at a station like Davis, 1 minute away on the inbound is not helpful as it's only the running time from Alewife to Davis. Plenty of times the timer sits at 1 minute away for up to 5-7 minutes because the train hasn't left Alewife yet. Maybe there just isn't an easy way to display times for stations close to terminals, like Davis, Malden Center, Quincy Adams, etc...


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    I swear there's issues on the Red Line EVERY DAY.