MIT loses Noam Chomsky to Arizona

The Tucson Sentinel reports the University of Arizona has signed up longtime MIT linguistics professor (now emeritus) Noam Chomsky to teach there.

Chomsky will arrive on the Tuscon campus this month and will teach starting in the spring semester.

Chomsky is quoted as saying he's looking forward to teaching undergraduates again - and to the balmier Tucson weather.



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    Huge loss for Boston

    As a friend who just finished reading his book "Who Rules the World" I feel this is a huge loss for Boston/Cambridge.

    His depth of knowledge over a wide range of subjects is daunting and inspiring. His boldness in questioning everything is a model for how true intellectuals should observe and act in the world.

    There is a passage in his book which has been inspiring to me and which I feel applies to many of the frequent commenters here on UHUB from many different viewpoints:

    "...intellectuals are typically privileged; privilege yields opportunity, and opportunity confers responsibilities. An individual then has choices."

    I will be marching against intolerance Saturday. Thank you Professor Chomsky.

    Chomsky doesn't have a wide

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    Chomsky doesn't have a wide range of knowledge. He was just good at faking it to the gullible and getting very rich while doing it.

    It's sad MIT never fired him for the unethical treatment of an abused nonverbal woman as part of his research and the academic fraud he perpetrated which set back the field of linguistics for 20 years until his flawed research was debunked. MIT was more concerned with raking in the cash from their cut of book sales than maintaining ethical and professional standards.

    I would give you the same

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    I would give you the same answer Chomsky would. "It's widely know to anyone paying attention and the sources are out there for anyone who cares to look. "


    There is something to be said about an anonymous internet poster making a baseless accusation regarding the authenticity of knowledge of a well regarded professor.

    Good riddance

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    Though I can't imagine his traitorous political opinions will go over well in deep-red Arizona.

    You forget that there are

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    You forget that there are pockets of liberalism all over the South, West and Midwest. Especially centered around colleges. In many ways those liberal pockets are more liberal than many parts of Boston because while liberals in our home town feel comfortable spreading their wings... liberals down there feel the need to all hang out in the same area. Tuscon is liberal enough for him. Plus seriously, no snow!

    Nazis have traitorous opinions

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    Confederates have traitorous opinions.

    Please document IN DETAIL what is traitorous about ANYTHING that Chomsky has EVER said?

    Take your time - it might mean some *gasp* STUDYING STUFF.

    MIT's not actually losing him

    MIT's not actually losing him, since he's been retired from MIT for a decade and a half (he's 88), and according to MIT's announcement (on MIT Linguistics facebook page), he's not cutting his ties.

    Why Negative??

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    I'm not a supporter of most of Chomsky's positions.
    However, he's an academic thought-simulator with a world-wide reputation. That's been good for him, Boston, MIT and beyond.

    This position gives Chomsky a platform in a warm climate, and raises the profile of U. of Arizona.

    How can that be bad?