Northeastern students in underwear got lucky this year

Shamus Moynihan watched the annual Northeastern underwear run, at Huntington and Mass. avenues tonight.



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    I don’t know why but I find

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    I don’t know why but I find the best part of this video is the cop waving kids in underwear thru an intersection.

    Santa hats and Speedos

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    The "Santa hats and Speedos" run in Copley Square in December is much more interesting! The cold weather and festive costumes are the key.


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    College students parading around scantily-clad HOPE to get lucky.

    Goddam Snowflakes!

    Why in my day, we streaked... Nude! No Fruit of the Loom, no Granny panties- Adam&Eve, Garden of Eden nude, I tellya! And we liked it!!! Shrinkage? Headlights flashing high beams because of the cold? Get off my lawn, you hippy! Nothing stopped us! Gen. Kelly is right- some things used to be sacred. The commies have won. I’m going to bed