Not all heroes wear capes, but some get accepted to MIT on 3/14

Not all heroes wear capes - but some carry tubes (Pi Day 2017)

MIT sends out its acceptance letters next week.



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    At MIT the people who wear

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    At MIT the people who wear capes waste a lot of time at Senior House and take a long time to graduate.

    Not my mom

    My mother thought I could do better than some technical institute. It was a couple months before one of her friends told her that MIT was a pretty good school.

    I got mine in December

    Just before Christmas. Saved me the effort and expense of applying to CalTech and Cornell and Rice.

    Man, it is crazy to see people I went to school with now gray-haired and becoming serious grease.

    Time of video

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    Is 3:06. You'd think they could find 8 seconds of filler …

    Marketing department P.H.D.

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    Marketing department P.H.D. program - film the commercial on one of the ten days of the school year it's pleasant enough to walk around campus wearing a tank top.