Now they're saying 4 to 8 inches possible tomorrow

UPDATE, 5 p.m. 4-8? Try 6-10, Harv now says.

The NWS has a winter-storm warning going into effect at 7 a.m. You bet the French Toast Alert level is Elevated.



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A tasty variation on our classic alert system

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Instead of getting 2 gallons of just milk, snag some of that leftover eggnog on sale. Use it instead of milk and the vanilla, add some nutmeg and cinnamon, and even maybe some bourbon (a shot for each dead train announced), and you have some of the best damn French Toast ever.

Meanwhile in Atlanta

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Meanwhile in Atlanta, they are forecasting to get maybe 2 or three inches this afternoon/tonight from the same system we'll get tomorrow.

Friends said he went to the Kroger near his house and it was nearly empty of anything valid to eat. No veggies, No Meat, No Dairy, No bread.\

My friend absolutely hates that I rag on him about how people down there go crazy over an inch of snow. Its an inch folks, you'll be back driving around by 3pm tomorrow knowing Atlanta winters. (sun will just melt everything)

Well, you can

You need tire chains. Something so common in the Northwest that the cops won't let you out without them sometimes.

Used to have huge ones on the school bus ... WUMP WUMP WUMP WUMP WUMP WUMP


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The Gonzaga-Portland basketball game today was cancelled due to an ice storm, so I would quiet down about people in the Northwest being able to handle ice if I were you.

No one can handle ice. It's the worst.

Years ago, a friend of mine was in Atlanta

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for a conference when a snowstorm broke out. He told me of how, the day after the storm, while walking from the hotel to a restaurant to get a decent breakfast, he observed an Atlanta DPW pickup truck with two guys in the back dropping shovelfuls of salt on the still snow-covered streets. That apparently was the only snow fighting equipment they had.

They have very little

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Last big snow event they had 2 years ago.. it was apparent they didn't have any snow gear.

They don't even have spreaders for salt. I think this time the state was a bit more prepared and had brine tanks and was going to do that to help. The problem with that if its icy, the brine just seeps below the ice and drains away without melting the ice.

The thing that I find funny are the locals... my buddy was on Facebook showing all all the gear he bought after the last ice storm they had. Walking canes, these studded shoe straps, chains for his car, all sorts of stuff.

I'm like.. dude.. you're getting an 2-3 inches, not several feet. I live in an area where it snow and ices regularly, and I don't drive, I walk everywhere.. and even *I* don't have this stuff. This is also the same person who tried to tell me how to store food when they lose power, um yeah.. Former rural NH resident here who taught winter survival courses, so I'm well aware on what to do.

And knowing Atlanta, it'll be gone within 48 hours. They act like they will be trapped in their house for weeks, and having to do 10 mile treks to the store to buy that last can of baked beans or some such silliness. I get their concern, but be a bit realistic about it.

Many years ago when I lived in Atlanta, I worked at a Kroger before a snow storm. Oh man, you think we're nuts with the bread and milk. People had cart fulls of stuff.. again.. like they were going to be homebound for weeks on end. Of course its all perishables, which do nothing for ya if you lose power... yet people bought them by the cart load.

I laugh at this snow

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Myself, Mrs. Waquiot, and Waquiot Jr. fully intend to be at Roche Brothers in West Roxbury at 8:30 tomorrow evening.

Ditto the one in Waltham

around the same time. plenty of milk, which I needed regardless, although the parking lot was a bit fuller than one might expect. *shrug* the snow will fall and we will go on.

Chelsea Market Basket

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Went by there on my way to Homo Depot to pick up rock salt and new shovels (I woke up at 3am and had a "OMG I need rock salt and shovels" moment).

Parking lot was packed.. @ChelseaScanner (on twitter) said a few fights have broken out at the express lanes. People are also saying that it seems like all the sunday shoppers all went this morning because its a zooo.

They don't call it "Thunderdome" for nothing.

Speaking of which

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This was posted about an hour ago to the "What's Happening Chelsea, Ma" Facebook Group in regards to the Chelsea Market Basket.



Poster's Note: Sorry for the screen grab of Facebook. Can't directly embed links on Uhub from Facebook, nor does the security of that group allow me to link to the post, but if you're a member of the group, you can click here to see the original post.

I'm as sick as a dog, but I'm

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I'm as sick as a dog, but I'm glad I went to S&S this afternoon to buy what I couldn't get with my Peapod order last night (who bought up all the on sale country potato bread???).

Try Trader Joes

The Alewife location was not crazy at all, quiet for Friday rush hour, even. It is now somewhat depleted after I brought through my horde of college-aged gentlemen and packed out the boot of the crosstrek, but still adequately stocked with milk and bread and eggs (the basics of life).

Might be an alternative to crazier places - their milk and bread and egg prices are very reasonable.


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Pete will never live this one down.

Kinda makes me curious tho... ;)


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He is big!