OFDs want to get something off their chest

A few years ago, a self-proclaimed "Boston insider" wrote a book about moving to Boston. Seems fine, except as one Dorchester resident noticed the other day, the book declares that Dot residents often call their neighborhood "The Chest."

While newcomers will want to stay clear of certain areas of the Chest, several are worth considering, especially if you're on a budget.

OFDs and even DBCs find themselves amused.



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      Anyone calling Dot The Chest or The Dorch

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      deserves to be covered in chocolate and feathers and marched along Dot Ave until reaching the Baker Chocolate Factory apartments. If some Dot rats are nibbling at their feet so be it. But Dot rats have more class than to use goofy names like The Chest, or god forbid (as I gag just typing this), The Dorch.


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      Was Lurch's younger brother and replacement at the Addams Family estate.

      "You rang?"

      the Chest? WTF, kid

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      In 51 years of living I have not heard one relative call our neighborhood ' The Chest '.


      If you are bent out of shape...

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      ...over people renaming areas to their liking than you must refer to this land as Shawmut and not Boston because if you don't you would be a hypocrite.

      The difference is...

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      ...screw it. If you don't know the history of Boston, you'll probably never bother to. Just move back to New Hampshire and leave Boston to people who care about it.


      I am admittedly DBC, having only lived here for 30 years, but I have NEVER heard anyone refer to Dorchester as "the Chest"

      The author

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      I'm not OFD, but I've lived in Dorchester for 39 years. I never once heard, or heard of, "The Chest".

      From the author's Linkedin profile.

      I'm a seasoned copywriter who can pretty much write about any topic thrown my way

      With an approach like that, it's not surprising that she makes stuff up.

      Althouth the book is supposedly about Boston, it also includes Cambridge Somerville and Brookline. And the author, according to Linkedin, lives in Arlington, and went to college in North Carolina.

      So I'm going to go out on a large limb, and surmise that she never stepped foot in Dorchester. After all, according to her, it's one of the "dodgier areas" of Boston, only worth considering if "you're on a budget".

      Absolutely not. I've lived

      Absolutely not. I've lived here all my life Never heard that before; however, I did hear people trying to make ""Sodo" a thing. (south Dorchester) Big no

      My Dorchester roots go back to the 30s

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      And those phrases I've just learned tonight. Dot, Dot-rat, OFD, and I suppose DBC are ones I've seen before, but "Dorch" is brand new.

      Oh, and Mattapan is just a part of Dorchester- that's how Dorchester I am.

      I think

      You can probably add Blackstone to that list. Maybe everything to the RI border.

      Of course, back then it was all referred to as "The Chest"...

      Other names for Roslindale

      West Roxbury North
      the Unrepresented Zone
      The place that Staples and Petco ruined Forever
      New Belgrade
      the 'Dale

      Reminds me of Improper Bostonian article

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      From about 12 years or so ago that rote about gentrification in the neighborhood writing "no one ever calls it die-chester anymore." Having never heard that in my 30 years as a proud dot rat, I surveyed suburban friends who confirmed they, too, never used that term either.
      Stab-and-kill, murder-pan, dot rat, etc. - all used. Not what was in the article.

      I wonder if writers just make it up, or just rely on a terrible source.

      Not DieChester

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      But DeathChester was something I heard in Fields Corner in the 80s-90s

      From OFD to CAD

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      Originally from Dorchester to Can't Afford Dorchester!

      Amen. The comment though

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      Amen. The comment though about It's good if your on a budget. Well, she should try to afford it when apartments on Geneva Ave are renting for 2400 a month. Born and raised and proud of it! #02125 all day.

      I'm from

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      Hingham. We call ourselves awesome. Ahem.

      Not from

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      My MIL is OG Upham's Corner and has never heard of the Chest. Where the F do people come up with this stuff?


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      So obviously, those were either not friends, or they were friends with a Dorchester sense of humor. The kind who tell people who are eating lobster in the shell for the first time that the green stuff is like guacamole and tastes really good, so they spread it all around.

      Writers need good editors partly because there are convincing smart alecks who love to make authors sound like fools.

      Or transients

      Since the author appears to have no real roots here it also could have been some friends of hers who were also only living here for a few years for school or something who put their lives at risk to take advantage of the cheap rents and easy subway/highway access that Dorchester offers.

      Maybe they started calling it "the Chest" as a bit of a goof and she assumed that it was the local term. Granted, her editors suck because it shouldn't take much to uncover that this is not a local term at all (as social media is now proving).

      Lives At Risk?

      Kind of a broad statement, don't you think?

      I've been jumped in Cambridge twice. Had property stolen in Kittery, Beacon Hill, and Pembroke.

      Had a guy steal tomatoes from our back garden on Ashmont once. I had my bike stolen from in front of the Adams Street library when I was 9. Is that what you were getting at?

      I stole your bike, kid

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      You should have went ton the Codman Square library and stayed out of St. Ann's parish!

      But if Worcester

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      is pronounced Wooster then why isn't Dorchester pronounced Dooster? Or even Duster?

      OFM (Originally from the land of Mary) even downie there Worcester is called Wooster and Dorchester Dorchester. But Dorchester County would never be called anything other than Dorchester County.

      What's funny is that the county seat of Dorchester County is Cambridge. So take that Cantaibrigians of north!

      Between Massachusetts and Maryland we have England all over.

      Dorchester and Worcester are

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      Dorchester and Worcester are both more-or-less pronounced the same way as their English namesakes, (give or take our respective accents) and English place names tend to have a rather circuitous history. Plus I mean Dorchester has an H in it and Worcester doesn't. That has to count for something.

      Place names containing

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      Place names containing "Chester" go back to the Latin castrum meaning a fort, and "Chester" has been spelled in a variety of ways. Wikipedia says Worcester used to be "Weorgoran ceaster," for example. The word "castle" comes from the same root.

      Similarly any place name ending in -borough, -boro, -bury, -burg, -burgh all go back to the same Latin root, burgus, another kind of Roman fort.

      Before the printing press, people weren't too particular about spelling.


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      Worcester natives pronounce it more like Wister. We in Boston call in Wooster..

      Not a native

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      The Welcome to Dot twitter page is run by a Texan....he's not from Dorchester