Oh, my, West 1st Street sure has changed

The Harvard Gazette reports Harvard and MIT boffins are using the database of Google Street Views to show how cities' landscapes are changing. And South Boston's W. 1 Street is one of their examples.



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One of the few British words I would like to see in more use here! Thanks Adam!


A person engaged in scientific or technical research.


I love that stuff. The boffins should do Boylston Street in the Fenway -- amazing changes in a remarkably short time!

Hank Scorpio

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You know, there's a little place called Mary Ann's Hammocks. The nice thing about that place is Mary Ann gets in the hammock with you.

Remember when the seaport was

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Remember when the seaport was mostly just parking lots? And they they built the ICA and you could see it from all over because it was like the only big building around. Now it's blocked by a bunch of new skyscrapers. Every time I go to Seaport it seems different now.

Yes, I remember having to go

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Yes, I remember having to go to the Moakley Court House in my good shoes when it was surrounded by nothing but muddy parking lots. That area seemed huge back then, and now that it's full of hotels and restaurants, it seems a short walk to the court house.

Maybe 3 years ago I was

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Maybe 3 years ago I was looking at a new construction condo on Bolton Street and ~E. I tried to check it out on google maps and all I saw was a warehouse with a pull down metal door pulled down half way, full of sleeping bags and other junk and graffiti on the half-open door that said "whites only." Fast changes, indeed.