Old bicycle shop could become liquor store in Audubon Circle

But the Boston Sun reports some nearby residents question the need for yet another liquor store in the area.



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Such a waste of a good spot,

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Such a waste of a good spot, really no need for another liquor store and there are high end ones all around. And such a prime location to cater to Red Soxs fans with some kind of food spot.

That's a shame. I've been to

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That's a shame. I've been to that bike shop, and the staff was really nice.

Has the fixed-gear bicycle market crashed?


It's kind of a shit industry these days. The pricing structure from manufacturers makes it very difficult to remain competitive vs. the internet, etc.

Tell that to the bicycle industry

Well you can't mail a bicycle back to an Internet manufacturer for repair

Yeah, well, tell that to the bike industry, which is trying all sorts of online models.

Trek has a program where people order their bike online and it gets delivered thru a shop. The shop gets screwed out of some bucks and has to deal with a clueless customer.

There are others trying things similar to Trek.

Canyon deals strictly online. and there are others.

Tough time to own a bike shop.


Canyon isn't quite available in the US yet. And part of the problem that a lot of shops are... slow... to realize the importance of good customer service.

But for repairs (and used sales)?

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Your example shows how a purchase can be made online, but the post you quoted mentions repairs. I don't imagine those get done through the mail also?

Personally I purchase my bicycles used from local shops (Wheelworks in Somerville is my favorite) where I have had good luck getting decent prices during times of year when students are more likely to sell their bikes.


But when you can get the part for half price on Amazon, there's a significant incentive to learn how to DIY.

You have to pick your battles

I usually look at it in terms of money, time, and hassle factor.

I can do most repairs, even some fairly complicated repairs. One repair and a cheap part? DIY. Needs new tires or brakes? DIY. Uncomplicated bottom bracket job or pedals? Got the tools for those. However, if my bike needs several things, it can be worth my time to take it to a shop.

Then there is the "special tool costs more than entire repair" problem. I've run into that before. It isn't worth buying that tool if this is something that won't be recurring often. Just take it in.

I have also bought a road bike off of Bikes Direct assembled it for myself. At the time, I had had issues with sloppy build jobs from local shops and decided to save the money and DIY. The only time that roadbike has seen a shop is when I disassembled it and brought it cross country with me when it was three years old, knowing that it needed several things and a tuneup. I brought the entire box to the shop, and walked out with a reassembled, fully tuned bike with new shift cables and brakes.

I don't think others get so complicated with it all, but we have a number of bikes to keep after. The bottom line is that local shops have to be about more than just bike sales if they want to keep up. Many are doing just fine from all appearances - Harris, Broadway, Ace Wheelworks, etc. seem to be making it. Bike Boom in Davis is also a good one, and JRA is mostly about dirt, but they have great prices and staff who also do road and street.

Or Northern Ireland

Once a year, I'll buy a bunch of parts from one of a number of online shops in N. Ireland. Usually order chains, cassettes, tires, tubes, cables, etc. that I'll need for the year. Best prices you'll see anywhere, sometimes cheaper than your LBS can get it for. I like my LBS, but he generally doesn't have what I want.


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they could use a regular non 'high end' Wine and Spirits (Correction: Liquor Store) in the neighborhood. Maybe they'll even sell nips.

Clutch the pearls.

Ok then

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Let's let the market sort it out. If there's too many liquor stores in the area, this one will fail from lack of business - what's the problem?

From the article:

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From the article:

Residents also shared concerns about what if the store does happen to fail, and then they will be stuck with a storefront that has zoning for a liquor store.

“Lets say if things go through and then the neighborhood okays it but then they leave – we’re the ones who are going to be stuck with it,” said Joan Ong a long-time resident of Audubon Circle.

That is their concern, whether or not it's logical (Not taking sides just what they were saying). That it will now ALWAYS be new booze places, for better or worse. Honestly I just want the space to be used better.

It's a crummy spot for retail

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It doesn't have foot traffic or stores within the block that generate substantial foot traffic, there isn't significant parking available, it's just about 1/2 way between Kenmore and St Marys, and it's kind of a run down part of Beacon.

Tough spot for retail.

A restaurant for Sox? Maybe, but Waxys (right at St Marys St) can't survive on Red Sox alone... they need neighborhood sales for off-season, and they're far more convenient than the old bike shop is.

Tough spot.

I didn't even realize Superb

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I didn't even realize Superb had closed. I took my bike there a few times, but was never impressed with the service, and always found it a bit too expensive.