One can only imagine what Morrissey Boulevard is like

Flooding on Webster Street in North Quincy

Marc Hurwitz reports he had to back up to escape the flooding on the one-way Webster Street in North Quincy shortly before 6 p.m.



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Come on people, do not drive

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Come on people, do not drive into standing water.

That car is hydro locked, its done for.

Edit: Driving on peoples lawn in a torrential rainstorm? Hope you get billed.

Bad edit

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The cars are on the sidewalk, and that 2 feet wide strip ain't no lawn.

Grass, private property.

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Grass, private property.

Yes it is. And all the cars driving on it are causing severe damage to it.


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That's what the GPS told me to do

The dependable BWSC data

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The dependable BWSC data ( shows that the rainfall was surprisingly unevenly distributed over the (geographically) tiny City of Boston. Allston and Longwood only received around half an inch but the station near where I live in Dorchester got nearly 3”, with 2.25” in a 45 minute span between 4:05 PM and 4:50 PM.

Yesterday looked torrential at times. I was wondering how it stacked up against the World record and it turns out that we were not even in the same league. The world record for that period belongs to Holt MO, USA with 12” in 42 min. some 70 years ago. Could have been a lot worse…