One of our main exports to New York: Elected officials

We've been sending the Empire State pols since at least the Bobby Kennedy days. Last night, a Cambridge Rindge and Latin graduate won re-election as mayor of New York City (and recalls that his immediate predecessor was from Medford). But he wasn't the only former Boston-area resident to win an election in New York last night. Julia Reischel, who wrote for the Dig and Mass. Lawyers Weekly, was elected to the town board in the Catskills town of Middletown.



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      Just found out that the new

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      Just found out that the new governor of NJ is a Needham High alumnus, Phil Murphy. I knew him through college friends. He went to Harvard before it was uber-elitist. He was a real pistol, coming from working-class roots (his dad was a pall-bearer at times!). That's a real American success story.


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      "Harvard before it was uber-elitist" -- so, never?

      Not spurprised.

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      Boston politics do not attract top talent. If you are intelligent and want to be in politics you look to other cities.

      We need to stop that trend. We had an opportunity yesterday but blew it by electing the same old tired townies with no specific plan to fix anything:

      Marty Walsh, Ed Flynn, Mike Flaherty...bleh.

      The NJ Governor Elect, too

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      The man who was just elected Governor of NJ Phil Murphy grew up in Needham and Newton and graduated from Needham High. He was a classmate of Charlie Baker (class of '75).