Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon - and the number of the city parking clerk?

Car with a Denver boot on Newbury Street

Jill Cetel captured a moment on Newbury Street and is looking for the best caption.

Ah, yes, Grey Poupon:



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These boots were made for walking

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but only some will do, one of these day Traffic and Parking's boots are going to walk all over you...

Many years ago ...

Back when "slides" of your vacation were still a thing, my parents had several in their "Boston Vacation" pack of a Mercedes getting booted and towed near Quincy Market. This included the owner emerging and chasing after the tow truck, which was hauling the car with its car alarm going off.

I think that they enjoyed that drama more than any of the buskers or other attractions.

On Newbury?

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Boston University: Freshman year mistakes!

Ugg Boots

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More like "ugh, boot!"

These aren't

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the boots you're looking for...(waving hand)

This is great. I love being

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This is great. I love being able to see my work on my favorite news source (I booted this Audi & many others throughout the city). Have a great day everyone. Don’t become a victim due to unpaid parking tickets. I don’t take pleasure booting vehicles but everyone has a job to do.