Patriots on parade

Parading patriots in Boston on July Fourth

John Gage watched the parade after the reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Old State House.



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Long before the sewing of the

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Long before the sewing of the American flag as we know it -- before there were the United States, and hundreds of years before its slightly-altered stars and stripes emerged on the Revolution club badge – a flag of a different design was flown proudly in the early colonies that now comprise New England.

Historic Revolutionary War artist John Trumbull’s depiction of the Battle of Bunker Hill featured a red flag with a green pine tree, which often served as a representation of the New England colonies. While historians argue the exact dates of origin of this early flag, over time, the design stood out as a symbol of honor for the territory.

Seeing this

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reminds me of the rich history of our City. Much of what we fought for becomes just part of the landscape. I think that as residents we take our City for granted. (as do others in great historical districts as well)

What galls me....

By on when I see tourists joking and goofing around as they take photos at the Boston massacre site. I take the Blue Line at the State Street stop so I'm always around there to see this idiotic behavior. I've even seen some (college student types) lie down on it like they were the casualties. Imagine if they acted like this at the Holocaust Memorial.

Please elaborate on why you

Please elaborate on why you feel reenactments are distasteful.

There is a full day of educational programming on the anniversary of the Boston Massacre. It's not something that's done for fun or profit. It's part of our history.

To Clarify

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What I have seen are tourists laughing, acting goofy and laying down at the Massacre site like it's a hilarious thing to do while their friends snap away with cameras. None of this has anything to do whatsoever with historical reenactments which I personally have no issue with.