Pay attention, kids

School kids in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this photo. See it larger.



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    The two boys on the far right have to be twins, yes? Desperately hoping BCA has names and bios for everyone pictured.

    I believe

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    that those two boys are both Herbert Hoover. It doesn't make much sense, but appearances don't lie.


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    I'm pretty sure that's Ma Barker in the front.


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    Everyone is wearing what appears to be the same style of eyeglasses, though maybe there just weren't that many styles available during the period. Still, 100% in glasses...Perkins? I'd guess 1930s-1940s from clothing and hair.


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    Close. I'd guess Catholic school of some kind. Kids look like they are praying and have uniforms on. Possible religious picture in back.

    Holy Name school? Cathedral? 1935 seems about right.

    Not praying...

    I don't think this is done anymore but when I was in public elementary school we were commonly told to sit quietly with our hands folded when we were otherwise unoccupied.

    Not Parochial School

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    That's my guess, as there isn't enough uniformity in clothing. And I'd say we're looking more at 1920's, perhaps, by the knickers worn by the boys. Beyond those two observations, though, I have nothing.


    Meet ya halfway

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    Good points from both sides, so I'm going to say it is a Protestant - type school. You know, less strict less guilt and all.

    If I'm not mistaken, this

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    If I'm not mistaken, this appears to be a picture of the room where they sent all the kids who lost their lunch money.

    The Answer!

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    Thanks for playing, folks! This is an "Eye Conservation Class" at Washington Irving Middle School in 1937. We're not sure exactly what took place in a class like this - so tomorrow's "just for fun" project is to find a description of the class in the 1937 school report!