Peak JP: New eatery to offer vegan smoothies and soup - and avocado toast

Jamaica Plain News reports the planned spring opening of Carrot Flower at 703 Centre St., where the Cobwebs antique store is closing.



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Great headline - Peak JP. However, I'm sure we haven't seen peak JP just yet. Only after all the smallest condos sell for 1 million dollars or more will we have peak JP. Then it will burst into flames of skinny jeans and yoga pants.

Old JP

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Back then, we had to bring our own take out containers to the vegan restaurant on Centre St.



I never really liked Center St Cafe that much.

Yuck. Vegan smoothies for $8

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Yuck. Vegan smoothies for $8.69. I'd rather kill myself slowly with red meat and veggies cooked in bacon fat for a few bucks more at the Galway House.


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The great thing about capitalism is that no one is going to force you to spend any money there. Carry on.


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i wish we had an establishment like that in South Boston.

I wish her the best.

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However, if I ate lunch here, I would have to eat again somewhere else. Nothing looks too substantial. Funny how some folks think smoothies are "healthy". A vegan smoothie, without loads of added sugar (which is not healthy), or added via fruit tastes, well....

stupid jokes

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Man do I wish the dumb jokes about veganism rang true. Boston is pitiful when it comes to vegan food. Southern cities like Atlanta have us beat.

Checked out Herban Fix last week

I was in Atlanta with a large group, and vegan just worked as a halal/kosher/vegetarian/people with allergies (ingredients all listed) consensus.

I'm not vegan, but I appreciate the novelty now and again. Yummy stuff and a nice break from the heavier local fare.

Lactose intolerance isn't a

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Lactose intolerance isn't a novelty... and some people have ethical reasons for not eating meat. Please don't confuse people who voluntarily choose to not consume meat and dairy with people who restrict their diets for religious reasons which have nothing to do with concern for animals or the environment. Thanks.

I think you misunderstood

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Swirly's use of the word Novelty.

I read it to be a novelty to her in her dietary choices - meaning new or unusual. Not like a novelty - from the ice cream treats and novelties aisle in the grocery store.

You can see that was how she meant it by her writing "a nice break from the heavier local fare".

Not everything is meant as a personal attack.

Dear Anon

Lactose intolerance is certainly not a novelty in my household. Both my kids are lactose intolerant.

You are also confusing lactose intolerance with an allergy.

Want some Cabot Cheddar with that whine? It is lactose free. We go through giant Costco bricks of it.


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Certain southern cities perhaps. My husband and I spent a year in Birmingham, AL and we were very hard pressed to find even vegetarian food that wasn't either pizza or Panera. Everything had pork in it! There was a really, really good Indian place though.

I think a lot of it has to do

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I think a lot of it has to do with the climate. When I think of New England weather, I think of pot roast and not a wheatgrass smoothie. When I think of Atlanta I think of more warm weather foods. I can't picture myself going to Carrot Flower to eat with snow outside.


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because no one in New England consumes "soup" or "coffee", right?

those jokes

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that such brilliant minds make, totally irrelevant to the conversation, every time you even mention the word "vegan" that are essentially variations on "OMG BACON BACON" are so funny. totally original.

a vegan restaurant opening doesn't take precious meat from your hands, so why do you all get so defensive about it?


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Isn't a juice/smoothie/bowls cafe also going into the old Harvest space on South Street? In both cases, i'm to see something locally owned go in and not just an empty storefront or another bank.

PS - for those who welcome new vegan options in Boston, check out Oasis Vegan Veggie Parlor in Dorchester for a plate of greens, beans, and mac!

Juicy Greens

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Yes - A place called Juicy Greens is supposed to open up on South Street a few doors down from Fiore's. The renovations appear to still be ongoing (and have been since August), so I'm not sure what the holdup is.

We'll find out how much of a demand there is for this type of healthy/vegan food option in the neighborhood, because both places will have very VERY similar menus.

to be fair

If there's any neighborhood that can support multiple shops selling $8 vegan smoothies, it's gotta be JP, right?

I didn't realize Cobwebs was

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I didn't realize Cobwebs was closing - the street won't be the same without them. Their window and the Boomerangs display is always a nice pick me up while stuck on the 39 :(