Penelope, is that you?

Anne Keane posts a brief video of a snake on the train. Red Line, of course, because, really, what other line would a self-respecting snake take?



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    Looks like Ball Python, the golden retrievers of the snake world. Completely harmless. Their defense mechanism is to curl up into a ball and hide their head in the middle. (If they can't see you, hopefully you can't see them.)

    Adorable Salmonella and Phobias

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    If I see an uncaged snake weirdo on my train, that's the one time I'm going to want to also see a katana trenchcoat weirdo. Let them fight each other. Anyone got extra hand sanitizer?

    I did

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    Then I figured that had been done to mothereffin' death already.

    snakes as service animals

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    Under ADA rules a snake can be considered a service animal. If the Transit Police tried to remove him from the train they probably would be sued.