People who think they paid too much for their German luxury cars sue

A small Brockton company and a Massachusetts resident are suing German car companies for what they say was "a two-decade long conspiracy among German auto manufacturers to unlawfully increase prices on all German Luxury Vehicles."

The suit, originally filed in state court, but moved to federal court at the request of the car companies, alleges that Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche and Bentley (now a VW subsidiary, along with Porsche and Audi) is based in large part on a July article in the German news magazine Der Spiegel.

Madison Food Corp. and Harriet Ann Slawsbury, who both say they bought at least one German luxury vehicle, are seeking to become lead plaintiffs in a class-action suit against the company on behalf of all other Massachusetts purchasers of such vehicles, under the state's consumer-protection law.



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    Should have bought a VW Diesel with a 2.0

    Some of us actually got paid to drive them for several years, when all was said and done.

    Or bought slightly used vehicles to wear off the excess costs.

    Going to be hard to prove "unlawful" high prices unless they can prove price fixing. And, let's be honest, non-German, non-luxury dealers seem to be engaging in that, too.

    overcharged for a luxury vehicle?

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    I thought the whole thing with luxury cars was they are just basically more expensive cars with more bells and whistles than the average one (and a lot of times being built with the same frames and motors at that). Is it really illegal to increase the price when that is the business model?


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    Cars, like shoes/clothes, some people like to buy the nice ones. I'm fine with my Camry, but if I got a good price on a premium auto such as a Mercedes or Jon Voight's Chrysler LeBaron, I'm buying.

    Oh look!

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    There's Gregory Peck's bicycle!

    And Barbara Mandrell's skateboard!

    Forget the purchase price

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    Ever see the price of repairs?

    Bought a pre-owned one long, long ago.

    Fine while under warranty and then everything falls off on cue. Never again.

    Japanese or American only for me.

    Almost comical

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    You can't sue stupitity.
    Let me think this again.
    You pay high price for car. Your unhappy after high purchase price.
    Mommy and daddy can't fix it for you.
    You sue
    Same people who all got trophies when they lost I imagine.

    anti-competitive collusion

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    Huge corporations colluding in anti-competitive ways, preventing the market from working. This is one way they can be punished.

    "The market"

    Except that the luxury-car market includes a bunch of non-German cars, which are presumably not affected by this collusion. So the market is not prevented from working.

    Really, the plaintiffs are correct -- they paid too much for their German luxury cars. I could have told them that without knowing anything about this alleged collusion.

    STOP IT!!!!!

    ... and leave my 2017 Audi A1 turbo out of this!!!

    (Actually, it's a '17 Jetta TSI but it's basically the same thing... right?!)