Police at BU always get their flute

BU Today recounts how a BUPD detective found a student's stolen $14,000 silver flute:

Eventually, Stone found someone in the neighborhood of BU who’d had an earlier encounter with the suspect and was willing to give Stone a name - but it was just a first name. That was enough to reduce that pawnshop database to about 500 hits. After searching hundreds of records in more detail, Stone found a 2014 transaction where the first name and a picture matched the suspect on the video.



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Leaving ipads & $14k flutes unattended for 30 minutes is dumb.

But, it's perfectly true.

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Leaving expensive items in places they can be easily stolen is, as it's said in Boston, retahded. Of course I understand we all occassionally forget or lose things, but leaving a $14,000. flute unattended, where it can be stolen, is loco.

Not a dope

She obviously thought the room she was in was safe and secure.

It's not as if she left it in South Station with a note saying, "Back in 30 minutes, please don't touch".

Come on.

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Colleges are notorious for stuff getting stolen. One does not leave a $14K flute AND an I Pad alone for 30 minutes without the expectation that someone might, just might, help him or herself to them both.

this 30 minutes thing..

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is not what the article said.

it was for "just a few minutes" between the times of 130 and 200, meaning that was the window of time when those few minutes happened, not that it was unattended for a full half hour.

a few minutes in a classroom in a relatively secured campus, an item that's not usually high on the list of things vulnerable to theft, and this person is not as stupid as members of our Perfect Commentariat would have us believe.

Victim blaming is obnoxious.

It is.
I read the story, she's in the music school, probably feels secure, shit happens.
Detective was determined, there's something about the crime which really seems like an invasion of a relatively safe space.

"Fourteen grand? Really? Tell ya what...I'm gonna shave off half my hair then go get that bastard."
He did do a hell of a job.

Glad she got it back, people should not flout the law.

Can the BU cops

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teach the REAL cops how to detective?
That'd be greeeeaaaaat....

Did you read the article?

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Because it makes a point of how he learned to be a detective in a program run by Boston Police detectives.

The word victim is not

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The word victim is not synonymous with 'without responsibility' - regardless of why you might think. One can be both the victim of a crime and also, to some degree, a contributor to the crime. As Camille Paglia once said, if you leave your handbag on the roof of your car in the middle of the city, and come back an hour later to find it gone, we want your bag returned and the thief arrested, but you really have to be more careful. But then this approach to the situation requires a modicum of intelligence.

No one is saying anything

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No one is saying anything about the good detective work to find the perp. Sometimes, finding the bad guy is like solving a puzzle. Perry Mason would be proud!