Police bust man with terrible handwriting

Badly done graffiti in Allston

You call that a signature? Photo by BPD.

Boston Police report officers prowling the back lanes of Allston in search of spray-painting taggers found one behind the Five Guys on Comm. Ave. at Harvard around 1:30 a.m. yesterday:

Officers approached the suspect, identified themselves as Boston Police Officers and informed the suspect that community members were not happy with the increased levels of graffiti in the area.

The officers then arrested Jackson Elliott, 27, of Brighton on a charge of damage to property by graffiti/tagging. And then they charged him with the same thing for another tag at 125 Harvard Ave.

Innocent, etc.



Free tagging: 


don't know which is worse...

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Don't know which is worse...the fact that this guy is 27 and still out tagging? or that he is a 27-year-old tagger with such terrible handstyle.

Mother-of-gawd, grab a black book and practice first.

You are correct

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The graffiti along the Pike is not the work of highly talented individuals

Its not art

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When you can't spell and have terrible can control. Graffiti seems to be making a huge comeback especially along the the MBTA right of way from Yawkey station to Back Bay station .


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That crap never went away, unfortunately.


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I'm a bit surprised you posted the image you did, since you typically avoid showing a tag for fear of giving the vandal the publicity they desire. Does BReakKWt need the publicity, unless your point was to show the poor quality of the tagging?

What do you think?

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Yes, I posted it simply to show what horrible writing the guy has. Props to you to spending the time to figure out what it actually say.

Tags should be left

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and things like "is a loser," "is a dope," "still wets his bed" written underneath the tags.