Police: Keytar Bear's attackers were New Hampshire teens, could face civil-rights charges

Boston Police report arresting three New Hampshire teens on charges they beat Keytar Bear yesterday while yelling racial slurs at him.

Police say the three, too young to be named because of their age, were charged with assault and battery, affray and disorderly conduct. One was also charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol for the small vodka bottle police say officers found in his pocket.

According to police, the teens could face additional charges; because of the racial slurs, the BPD Civil Rights Unit has joined the investigation into the attack - in which witnesses say one or two others might also have joined in.

According to police, the attack began around 4:40 p.m.

The suspects ripped off the Keytar Bear’s mask, struck him several times in the face and body while calling him racial slurs. When witnesses attempted to intervene the suspects, hurled racial epithets at them before fleeing from the police.

Police say witnesses pointed out the attackers as they fled to the first officer who responded:

The officer was directed by witnesses and bystanders as he pursued the suspects on Water Street toward Devonshire Street, where he ultimately observed three of the suspects climb up the building scaffolding then lay down on a platform in an attempt to hide from police. The officer ordered them from the scaffolding platform, and the suspects complied.



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Oh god...

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A Blades (the Bruins bear mascot) and Keytar Bear meetup/mashup would be AMAZING!

Dirt Bags

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Saw one of the kids run up a grass hill towards the highway. Pointed him out to the first officers who responded. Couldn't have been older than 14, maybe 15.

Grass hill?

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In downtown Boston? Really? On The Common?

just what I've come to expect

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from entitled suburban garbage visiting the big city

Maybe we're safer from them when they're sealed inside their cars.

The problem is...

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...suburbanites and tourists come to this city and treat it like their own personal playground with no regard to the fact that it is a pace where people live and work. Even those not committing heinous acts of violence like this one frequently still act like idiots in other ways.

been saying this...

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...for years.

This is why I root for the local sports teams to get eliminated from the playoffs as quickly as possible.

My elderly neighbors shouldn't have to put up with that crap.

- A South Boston community member

Name the entitled suburban

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Name the entitled suburban thieves and the respective NH towns from which they've been spawned. MAGA suburban parents need to teach their racist brats how to behave in the city. Good for that ten yr. old and his mother for coming to the rescue!


Technically people who live across the street from Larz Anderson Park are suburbanites, as are people from Arlington.

New Hampshire people are redneck moose molesters. Please don't confuse the two.

Southern N.H.

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essentially outer suburban Boston, part of 'Greater Boston', the area where Boston is the dominant economic and social engine.


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You may like to play your stupid little semantic games, but the US Census (an authority on such things) would call them SUBURBAN.

Just like brats in Plymouth or brats from Franklin or Pepperell are SUBURBAN.


Sorry, I didn't realize we needed ALL CAPS to have a discussion.

Have you ever been to Pepperell? It is 45 miles from downtown Boston and you have to go through some farms to get to it. It is a paper mill village and farm town. That's not the suburbs. That's a rural town.

Needham is a suburb. Framingham is a suburb. Weymouth is a suburb. Pepperell is a John Mellencamp / Kid Rock allegorical hamlet.

By the way, are you going to log in while you comment? The anon thing when you have a handle is getting stale.

Rural town?

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Oh hahahahahah.

People drive to Boston to work - check.

Borders touch another town - check

A "rural town" is a place where you have to drive for at least two hours to get to a superstore. A "rural town" is a dot on a map containing less than a 1,000 people.

You people have no idea what a rural town is.

I've been to Pepperell

It's the sticks, not the suburbs. If you ride the bike path from Ayer northwards, you'll see pretty much nothing but fields and woods and lake until you get to the old block of storefronts at Main and Groton streets.

No it wouldn't.

Leaks are to expose government malfeasance, not to circumvent the rule of law. There's absolutely no public benefit to leaking the names of these accused.


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I hate it when someone counters my indignance with logic, and they're right. But I still want an exception in this case.

So do I

I'll confess that there's a part of me that wishes the mob with pitchforks and torches was marching toward their house at this very moment....

A couple of them live in Manchester

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Which is hardly a breeding ground for entitlement. Another from Londonderry, not an upper class town. Their 'race' or ethnic background s were not mentioned. Southern NH has a diverse demographic with many Hispanics, Asians, Indians (India), in addition to non-Hispanic Caucasians and blacks.

Their names are not being released to the public

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simply because of their age. The current (and idiotic) law aside, that's an entitlement program if I ever heard of one.

Unless you actually believe that assault, robbery, and civil rights violations are NOT serious crimes.

They're not

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Compared to dope peddling and attempted murder - underage gangbangers are never named, why should those be?

I would venture to say that

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I would venture to say that stealing someone's money, damaging that person's property which they use to earn money and yelling racial slurs are acts of entitlement. You don't have to be a white guy from a wealthy suburb to be entitled.

No unarmed robbery?

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If they took Keytar Bear's tips, that's unarmed robbery which would carry a lot more weight (unless reduced by Conley to pickpocket) than the current charges. What race is Keytar Bear if they were yelling racial slurs?

But for realsies, Keytar Bear

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But for realsies, Keytar Bear once said in an interview that no one expects an "angry little black guy" (something to that effect) under the costume.

Mean when he has to be, maybe

He was working by one of the entrance chalets for South Station. I was crossing High St. when a wallet belonging to the woman in front of me literally bounced out of her travel pack and onto the street. She was towing a suitcase, too, and didn't notice.

I ran over, scooped it up, and ran it up to her before she crossed Summer St.

Then I walked by Keytar and he motioned me over, gave me a big hug, and said "I saw what you did ... I love you".

Hardly a hardened character.

Sounds like the youths...

... are currently being very much under-charged....

Whoever, not being armed with a dangerous weapon, by force and violence, or by assault and putting in fear, robs, steals or takes from the person of another, or from his immediate control, money or other property which may be the subject of larceny, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for life or for any term of years.

2006 Massachusetts Code - Chapter 265 - Section 19(b)

Whoever commits an assault or a battery upon a person or damages the real or personal property of a person with the intent to intimidate such person because of such person’s race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability shall be punished by a fine of not more than five thousand dollars or by imprisonment in a house of correction for not more than two and one-half years, or by both such fine and imprisonment. The court may also order restitution to the victim in any amount up to three times the value of property damage sustained by the owners of such property....

2006 Massachusetts Code - Chapter 265 - Section 39(a)

Whoever destroys or injures the personal property, dwelling house or building of another in any manner or by any means not particularly described or mentioned in this chapter shall, if such destruction or injury is wilful and malicious, be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than ten years or by a fine of three thousand dollars or three times the value of the property so destroyed or injured, whichever is greater and imprisonment in jail for not more than two and one-half years; or if such destruction or injury is wanton, shall be punished by a fine of fifteen hundred dollars or three times the value of the property so destroyed or injured, whichever is greater, or by imprisonment for not more than two and one-half years; if the value of the property so destroyed or injured is not alleged to exceed two hundred and fifty dollars, the punishment shall be by a fine of three times the value of the damage or injury to such property or by imprisonment for not more than two and one-half months; provided, however, that where a fine is levied pursuant to the value of the property destroyed or injured, the court shall, after conviction, conduct an evidentiary hearing to ascertain the value of the property so destroyed or injured. The words “personal property”, as used in this section, shall also include electronically processed or stored data, either tangible or intangible, and data while in transit.

2006 Massachusetts Code - Chapter 266 - Section 127

Federal Trespassing?

Isn't that scaffold that one of them climbed attached to the federal property (One Post Office Square) at Water and Devonshire?

Sounds like a terrorist attack to me ... lucky that one of the fed guards didn't blow his special little ass off.

Should be felony charges

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If they can call kicking ("shod foot") a deadly weapon... These asses should be charged.


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Your lead says they were arrested on "charges they beat and robbed" KTB, but there's no larceny or robbery charge listed by the police. You may want to rework that.


Yet. They did rob him. Witnesses say so.

The "force" has to be connected to the theft for robbery

Although you could easily argue that this was a robbery even in legal terms, I have seen courts frown upon robbery charges when shoplifting and larcenies occur and force is used in some other way (shoplifter assaulting employee when shoplifter is trying to flee).

Without hearing witnesses statements and seeing the report, I'm guessing the taking of the tips either couldn't be proven, didn't actually happen, or happend by one of the group who didn't intend to "rob" the bear, just harrass him.

Can the Federal government

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Can the Federal government just declare Keytar Bear an endangered species at this point?

Someone set up a Change.org petition--those always seem to get things done.

So glad

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They were arrested, it was infuriating to read how they stole the money.

Editorial content

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How is it even remotely possible that a media source in my fair city can produce such unqualified, ill-sourced and poorly-written dreck?


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I don't understand the existence of the Herald, either

Perhaps it is biased

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I mean, Adam didn't even try to reach out to the three teens whose names we do not know to get their side of the story.

Honestly, if those 3 lads want to clear their names in the court of public opinion, they should get out there and tell us their side of the story. It should be interesting.