Police look for guy they say punched a man in the head and pulled out a knife on a T bus in Quincy

Wanted for attack on Quincy bus

Transit Police are seeking the public's help to find this guy for an incident on a bus on Hancock Street near Quincy Center station around 2;30 p.m. on April 21.

According to police, the victim told officers that the guy, "unprovoked, initiated a fight with him on the bus and punched him in the head."

He then got out a knife and threatened the victim, police say.

If he looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-222-1050 or text an anonymous tip to 873873.



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In fairness...

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Relative to lots of grainy B&W CCTV images, this one is actually pretty good. Here's to hoping they catch up with Chuckles (or whatever his grammar school friends call him).

He looks like a total

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He looks like a total dickhead. He's the type of kid that at 10 years old would complain and punch his friends if they didn't let him play with their copy of Pokemon Gold, and his friends wouldn't want to let him play it since they were sick of getting it back covered in boogers. Now he's just taller.

He looks like anybody else

I'd love to do the experiment of pairing randomly-selected crime stories with randomly-selected pictures of people, and hear the comments about how "you can just tell he looks like the sort of guy to commit that sort of crime."

I agree

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His guy seems like as average a guy as possible. Of all the perps' photos the Transit Police release, this guy wins the "least likely to assault a bus driver and threaten with a knife" award easily.

Not that I'm denying it happened or that he did it, but still.

Another Boston sports fan

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Another Boston sports fan lowering the quality of life...

Go Wizards!

Check Quincy Center Station

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Quincy station is overrun by muggers, buggers, and thieves. I always see transit police vehicles parked on Burgin Parkway but I have never seen a transit cop patrolling the station.


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thousands of people travel through there daily without an incident.



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It would appear that someone joined the exodus to the South Shore.

It's okay. A lot of people live in Boston for a few years then decamp to the 'burbs. I mean, I didn't do it. I've had a constant family presence in the city since the 1920s, but you don't have that connection.

Do you like living in Quincy?


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I live in South Boston. i just retired the name SoBo because it upset people.

- An Actual Boston resident unlike most Boston Sports fans.

Go Wizards! Go Senators! Go NFL Teams that don't hire serial killers to be their Tight End!

I dunno

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You took that Quincy Center crack a bit personal.

Perhaps you just hit the sports bars in the City of Presidents.

just find it funny

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when suburbanites get all huffy puffy about crime and safety on the T.

can't wait to vote in the next mayoral election in Boston (unlike most boston sports fans).

Go Wizards! Go Senators! Go NFL Teams that don't support fascist!

- A South Boston Community Member