Police looking for guy they say keeps stealing bikes from the Stony Brook T stop

Carmelo Maldonado

Transit Police report they are looking for Carmelo Maldonado, 50, of points unknown, for stealing at least three bikes from the Stony Brook stop on the Orange Line.

If you see him (click the link for additional photos), contact detectives at 617-222-1050, or send an anonymous text tip to 873873.



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Mabye it's time to bring

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the cardboard officer out of retirement. Or hire the Fife Security Company to patrol the bike rack.

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Can't fool me.

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That's Will Ferrell.

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If you had asked me to imagine what a serial bike thief might look like, that photo would've been it.

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You mean

Will Ferrell after a six-month bender?

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Financial and Mental Health

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We spend considerable amounts of $ on public health including mental health in this state and country, yet I encounter obviously seriously mentally ill homeless people like schizophrenics, even see a homeless young guy everyday who is obviously autistic(!). Everyone responsible has some excuse. Even under Governor Deval Patrick a schizophrenic young man was killed (murdered) by guards at a Department of Corrections facility, where seriously mentally ill people were (are?) routinely sent when they 'act up' because there are no non-DOC facilities. The guards had almost zero training in how to appropriately deal with the mentally ill.

And most of these mentally ill are men, as are by far most occupants of shelters, those living on the street. Social services, especially housing, is geared almost entirely to women and children. Men are sent out onto the streets, to shelters or end up in prisons.

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This guy is PRO-bike. He can't get enough of them!

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