Police looking for woman who scurried out of South Station with somebody else's $40,000 violin

Woman with violin

UPDATE: Both woman and violin found, Transit Police report.

Transit Police report that when the owner of a $40,000 violin accidentally left it behind at South Station on June 10, a woman picked up the case and walked out of the station. They've yet to find her or the violin, so have turned to the public for help to reunite the violin with its owner.

If she looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-222-1050 or send an anonymous text to 873873.

Supt. Richard Sullivan reports:

The woman was waiting for a train on the Red Line platform at South Station she put the violin down and when the train pulled in she forgot and boarded the train by the time she realized she was not in possession of the violin and called, it was missing.



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She Should Get Yakoo''d If Caught

It is North Quincy and before we go off on a diatribe about Native American names, Yakoo, the NQHS mascot, has an Armenian pedigree.

Dr. Yacubian, a great guy, was a dentist for ages on Hancock Street and did a lot of public works level work on my soft Irish teeth in the late 80's.

I can't wait for this thing to try to get fenced in the backroom of a bar in Quincy Center. How many smack shots do you think she settled for, $200 worth?

Not that I know much about

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Not that I know much about such things* but isn't she a bit on the hefty side for smack?

*smack, that is; I know a fair bit about hefty.

No, she's not

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It's a popular stereotype that all heroin addicts and opioid addicts in general, are skinny. But she could also be addicted to pills if she is, in fact, a druggie. Common side effect of many pharmaceuticals is weight gain. Anxiety and depression drugs tend to also cause weight gain. Same with anti-psychotics.

WTF does she intend to do with this thing? It may be worth $40,000. but only to a very small number of people.

Sigh. A few things. Abusers

Sigh. A few things. Abusers of drugs are skinny not because of an effect of the drug, but because they tend to stop eating / eat crap sporadically. Speed is an upper - you tend to lose weight on uppers because they make you expend loads of energy will simultaneously surpressing appetite. Opiates are downers. They have zero effect on appetite but heavy abusers are skinny because they stop valuing eating food and just consume more drugs.

"Depression drugs", I assume you mean antidepressants, are almost exclusively not abuseable because they have no abuse potential. People gain weight on these because they are generally otherwise healthy, and SSRIs stimulate ones appetites. Theoretically, if an SSRI had abuse potential and could form addicts, they would be skinny for the above reason.

"Anxiety drugs", by which i assume you mean anxiolytics, are typically benzodiazepines. These have little effect on appetites alone. They have a high abuse potential, but benzo addicts are typically high functioning, a good way to understand this is to understand that benzodiazepines act on the brain the same way as alcohol. There are a tremendous number of alcoholics among us, high functioning in ever walk of life. There are no generalizations as to the weight of alcoholics. The last complication is abusers of benzos tend to be poly drug users.

It's complicated. But yes, you can be simultaneously morbidly obese and be shooting, snorting, plugging, or smoking heroin

Oh, one last thing. Heroin is most frequently snorted, not injected. Remember - heroin was created in a lab by a pharmaceutical company as a "less addictive form of morphine". Obviously that didn't work out. Heroin is LESS powerful than fentanyl, yet one is a legal prescription drug and the other is used by addicts.

What you say is true,

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however, when I mentioned anti-depressants and anti-anxiety 'medications' (DRUGS), I was referring to the fact most drug addicts, whether abusers of 'uppers', 'downers', or both, have issues with anxiety and depression, and will be given anxiety and depression 'medications' (DRUGS) legally, or get them illegally. Oddly enough, it's still not unusual to see overweight cocaine addicts, even though theoretically most should be thin, but again, they most likely are also taking 'downers' and/or 'medications' for anxiety. However, it's more rare to come across anything other than a thin/skinny meth addict. Even then, it's still possible for a meth addict to be also overweight.

Why is it that it's always

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Why is it that it's always violin players leaving their expensive instruments in taxis, etc?

You'd think the big heavy

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You'd think the big heavy expensive thing you're carrying around would be conspicuous enough to not forget.

Violins and violin cases are

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Violins and violin cases are not heavy, though they are awkward to carry in a crowd since you need to be careful not to smack the case into anyone. That being said, I can't imagine letting my way less than $40K violin out of my sight, but people do get distracted and make mistakes.

Seems like it happens a lot.

Seems like it happens a lot. I know people forget things, but man, if my livelihood depended on a $40,000 anything, you can be damned sure I'd have it handcuffed to my wrist.

Violin located, woman no longer a suspect

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The T Police report that the violin has been found and the woman is no longer a suspect. Someone on Facebook said they had graduated with the woman who was in a "special needs" program. Perhaps she didn't know what it was.