Police: Man slashes Central Square store clerk who interrupted his shoplifting

Cambridge Police report arresting, Tyrick Cannon, 55, on charges he slashed a clerk in the arm at a Central Square convenience store around 3 a.m.

Police say the clerk got cut when he tried to keep Cannon from walking out with "numerous food items."

Officers found Cannon at Mass. Ave. and Windsor Street, armed with a utility knife. He was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. The clerk was treated on scene for non-life threatening injuries, police say.\

Innocent, etc.



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Not Central Convenience

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According to the cashier (who is either owner or family of owner I suspect), it was not Central Convenience, located right next to Middle East.

That's correct

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My post didn't claim what Adam wrote. My post reduced the small number of possibilities by one.

Nice guy

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The man clearly seems homeless and troubled in some way. As a society, what do we do with or about people like this? He's clearly dangerous, but I bet none of his crimes will likely result in a long sentence, and long-term prison sentences are expensive, too.

(I'm assuming these stories are all the same individual, but am not 100% positive).

August 2016 Tyrick Cannon, 55, homeless, was arrested at a Sidney Street grocery store after he was observed by a loss prevention officer shoplifting and for a violation of a Trespass order from that establishment in June 2016.



2015 Tyrick Cannon, 54, Homeless, was placed under arrest for Assault and Battery With a Dangerous Weapon. A Lynn resident positively identified Cannon as the individual who cut him with a knife. The victim reported that while he was sitting in front of a fitness establishment on Massachusetts Avenue, Cannon approached him and cut his left front forearm with a knife. The victim sustained a superficial cut consistent with the allegation.



Feb 2005: Tyrick Cannon, 43, Boston, was arrested on charges of possession of a pontrolled drug. Transported to Rockingham County Jail in lieu of $500 cash bail.



1989 (North Carolina) Robbery with dangerous weapon 91989 and maybe other charges


The guy needs help

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Prison? Not gonna fix him there.

Bridgewater, maybe? He needs to be in a secure environment, without access to sharp objects.