Police say Roxbury teen already charged with stealing scooters in the Back Bay nabbed for stealing motorcycles in the Back Bay

Boston Police report arresting a Cheney Street teenager on charges he and a pal stole some motorcycles in the Back Bay - some six weeks after he was charged in connection with the four stolen scooters police say they found behind his house.

According to police, Auto Theft Unit officers on patrol in the Back Bay specifically because of an increase in motorcycle thefts responded to a call about two guys pushing a green motorcycle down Comm. Ave. from Kenmore Square towards Mass. Ave. They didn't find them, but on a hunch, they took a ride down to Cheney Street, drove down to the kid's Cheney Street home:

Upon arrival on Cheney Street, officers observed the above 17-year-old male push a motorcycle down the street, lock it to a light pole, and cover it with a tarp before entering his residence. Officers confirmed the vehicle was the stolen green motorcycle. Shortly after, officers observed the 17-year-old male riding as a passenger on a gray and white Honda motorcycle away from his residence with a second 17-year-old male (also known to them as a motorcycle thief with a revoked driver’s license from previous incidents). Officers maintained surveillance, and at about 4:10 PM observed both males return to the area, both operating motorcycles without registration plates. The first male proceeded to abandon his bike and sprint into the residence, while officers were able to stop the second 17-year-old and place him under arrest for Operating after License Revocation (2 counts). Further investigation revealed that both motorcycles had been reported stolen, therefore, he was additionally charged with two counts of Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle. Complaints will be sought for two counts of Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicles for the first 17-year-old male as well. In all, three stolen motorcycles were recovered during the operation.



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Gotta say thanks to this kid....

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... if he's responsible for the disappearance in my neighborhood of the monster mufflerless motorcycle whose sociopathic owner, until recently, regularly blasted around the neighborhood at 1am rudely waking everyone out of a sound sleep.

Motorcycle owners are no

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Motorcycle owners are no better than these thieves. At least they don't wake me up in the middle of the night with their embarrassing attempt at getting attention.