Police say they have Brooks Street attacker

Updated with arraignment info.

Boston Police report arresting the man they say sexually attacked a woman on Brooks Street in East Boston on Monday.

Miguel Zelaya-Garcia, 25, of East Boston, had bail set at $500 and was ordered to stay away from the victim and the Brooks Street building and to hand in his passport, at his arraignment yesterday, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Prosecutors had asked for $2,500 bail.

Innocent, etc.




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      I wonder why they didn't

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      I wonder why they didn't identify him? He doesn't look like a minor.

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      BPD does that sometimes

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      In any case, the DA's office is more forthcoming with names, so I've added that into the original post.

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      Good work B.P.D.

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      Now throw the book at this dirtbag pervert.

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      That bail amount both

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      That bail amount both requested by the DA and set by the judge is laughable considering the severity of the crime.

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      Severity of crime

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      If convicted.

      He's not convicted. Bail isn't punishment. This isn't Texas or NYC where the state tries to make a buck off of holding people hostage when they haven't been convicted of anything.

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      Not necessarily

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      We don't know the circumstances. The press release from the DA's office says something like "should he make bail ..." which indicates he did not make bail and that $500 was a high enough bar to keep him in town.

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