Police: Woman charged with animal cruelty for repeatedly punching her dog at Dudley T stop

Transit Police report arresting Pamela Tyler, 51, on a charge of animal cruelty after officers watched her repeatedly beat her young pit bull around 10:30 p.m. yesterday at Dudley station.

Tyler was in possession of a young pit bull dog. The officers observed the young dog named "Mimi" attempt to lick the ground. At this time Tyler forcefully yanked on mimi's leash and with considerable force struck Mimi in the face. Shortly thereafter, approximately 20 seconds, Tyler grabbed mimi by the head and proceeded deliver multiple blows to Mimi's face and nose. The officers immediately intervened and prevented further harm to Mimi.

A Roxbury Municipal Court judge today released Tyler on personal recognizance, but ordered she have no contact with Mimi without permission of the MSPCA, which took possession. She also has to wear a GPS monitor, stay away from Dudley station and submit to random drug and alcohol screenings, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports, adding the judge declined a prosecutor's request to have Tyler held without bail based on the three open cases she already had out of Roxbury court.

Innocent, etc.



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There are so many revengeful

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There are so many revengeful thoughts going through my head right now but all I'll say is thank God Mimi is safe now.

Immediately went back to Dudley station despite ban

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I believe I was watching coverage of this on ch. 4 but regardless, one of the TV news channels showed her leaving the courthouse and going right back to Dudley Station to chat with "friends" despite the judge's order she stay away. No apparent consequences.

Orders is orders...

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but what's the logic behind staying away from Dudley Station?

I'm almost positive it's

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I'm almost positive it's where all of her open criminal cases are based out of.

Justice at Dudley

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I wonder who will get more jail time Pamela for beating her puppy or Jennifer the Transit cop for beating a defenseless female at Dudley Station.

I don't know but maybe they

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I don't know but maybe they should be locked up together and get a taste of their own medicine.