Headmaster at alternative Egleston Square high school under investigation; placed on leave

School Superintendent Tommy Chang today notified students, staff and parents at Greater Egleston High School that "Headmaster Julie Coles is on leave due to an ongoing internal investigation."

Chang did not specify for what, but wrote that:

Effective immediately, Stephanie Sibley will serve as acting headmaster of Greater Egleston High School. Ms. Sibley has more than two decades of experience working in the Boston Public Schools, including serving as headmaster of Excel High School in South Boston for the past seven years. Deputy Superintendent of Strategy Donna Muncey will work closely with Ms. Sibley in her new role.

The Bay State Banner reported today that 104 students were "104 students who were un-enrolled from the alternative high school this fall apparently without notification or explanation."

Chang continued:

BPS is fully committed to supporting Greater Egleston and all of our alternative education programs. Some members of the Greater Egleston community have raised concerns about students attempting to enroll in the school. Please know that Greater Egleston is currently accepting new students, but they must first enroll at the BPS Re-Engagement Center located at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School (Building 1), 55 Malcolm X Boulevard, Roxbury. The Re-Engagement Center is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, and on Fridays from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, and can be reached at 617-635-2273. We advise you to call the Re-Engagement Center in advance.




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    Seems like

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    an odd reason to not register students.



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    The pillar of ______!


    Julie Coles ran what could

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    Julie Coles ran what could have been a gem of a school into the ground. She damaged many lives. I can't believe it took this long to remove her.


    saw this one coming

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    talk to the teachers. theyll tell you what really goes on there.


    The faculty turnover rate

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    The faculty turnover rate over the last 12 years should've raised a red flag as to how the school was run.

    The turnover rate and the

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    The turnover rate and the complaints filed by outgoing staff that were ignored by BPS.


    State website...

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    has the enrollment at 225 but the teachers will tell you that school has never had more than 100. Sounds like the truth caught up to Ms Coles. Wonder where all that money went?