Probably doesn't have a Canadian passport

Weird goose in Jamaica Plain

Scott Tetreault wonders what kind of goose he saw in Jamaica Plain today.



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    A cross between a Snow Goose and a Greylag goose...or maybe even a Swan/Goose hybrid.

    Judging from its orange feet

    Judging from its orange feet and bill it could be a domestic goose displeased with the current political tenor and considering a move, or it could be a sport (an otherwise ordinary example of an animal but with a genetic abnormality), or a hybrid, probably of a canada goose with either a barnacle goose or domestic goose. My moneys on number 3.



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    It's a frankengoose. Some nerds at MIT made it in a lab.


    Not a leucistic Canada Goose

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    A leucistic Canada Goose is still a Canada Goose, longer and thinner necked and legged than this bird.

    It's definitely a hybrid and Canada is one of the parents. It doesn't look deep-bellied enough for the other parent to be domesticated (e.g. a "barnyard" Greylag Goose or a Swan/African/Chinese Goose). I suspect Canada x Snow Goose but I've never actually seen that combination. Here are some shots on Flickr that purport to be of Canada x Snow hybrids: . Snow Geese vary a lot - they come in white and blue forms - so that their vary a lot as well is to be expected.


    He looks like a nene

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    The state bird of Hawaii, who is incidentally descended from some Canada geese that got very, very, very lost about 500,000 years ago.

    (It is not a nene, though. That'd be a hell of a commute.)