Progressive West Roxbury/Roslindale hosts ​meet & greet Boston mayoral candidates

Do you know there are four candidates running for mayor this fall? Would you like to meet them and hear their experience and their position on the issues? Join us on Thursday, July 13, at 6:30 for a meet and greet and they will each speak beginning at 7:00pm.

  • Robert Cappucci
  • Tito Jackson
  • Marty Walsh(or spokesperson)
  • Joseph Wiley

Event Cosponsors:

• Bellevue Hill Improvement Association • Longfellow Area Neighborhood Association • RISE • Roslindale Transcript • Roslindale Village Main Streets • West Roxbury Civic & Improvement Association • West Roxbury Main Streets • West Roxbury Neighborhood Council • West Roxbury Transcript

At Saint John Chrysostom Church Hall, 4750 Washington Street, West Roxbury

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And yet

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What's the actual point of the Parkway progressive group if the end result is the same party insiders who prop up the likes of Deleo with rubber stamp votes?

Sen. Mike Rush, elected for as long as he wants.
Rep. Jeff Sanchez, unopposed.

Go to a meeting. Get involved

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Go to a meeting. Get involved. This group is not there to prop up incumbents.

Or just keep complaining online....

I get that but...

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What, if this is a well established group, I'm supposed to go in there an demand they change to meet my prerogatives? My point is that if their intent is to push for progressive policies and leadership, accepting the status quo in local elected representatives is a pretty poor way to go about it. It reminds me of these council resolutions that the Syrian civil war is bad and the like. The most effective local politics impact local change.

I don't think you understand

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I don't think you understand what this group is. It's a local chapter of Progressive Mass. That is not a group that props up incumbents. They fight on issues and have gone after many incumbents before. You want them to focus on local issues? They're hosting the first forum in the city on the mayoral race.....

I"m not making my point well

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I was trying convey the point that in the end, what is the value of a local progressive group when they have no apparently impact on implementing progressive policies on a local or regional level. The local Democratic party seems to be a weird mix of front facing progressive figures like Michelle Wu or Ayanna Pressley when in fact regressive insiders have all the local Democratic power (Walsh, Deleo, Moran, etc...) And lacking a real third party, that is where and how progressive policies might be implemented.

Like the pot law - progressive idea waylaid by backroom maneuvering by Democratic state house figures.

Disclaimer- I'm glad these people are out there doing their thing. It just seems like it doesn't have any measurable value.

Understood. That's a

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Understood. That's a legitimate point. I'd say the only response is to keep fighting and moving the needle. It's not glamorous and definitely frustrating. Not sure what other option there is except apathy though. They seem to have moved Mike Rush some to the left on things like immigration, that's a start.

Compare new Candidates and incumbents...

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Connect Stenograph Machine online.
Advocate for Mayor and City Council new Candidates who advocate for connecting the City Stenographer Stenographic Machine online, the online Stenographic Record of Public Meetings of Boston City Council for hard of hearing folks, for ESL English Second Language folks, for all folks!topic/ploversteno/T-h6psDLDpU All communities' constituencies could have better access to Boston City Council and to greater civic engagement ! Done offsite the Video Captions Transcript NOT as accurate as the City Stenographer Steno Record.

Roll Call Votes Table/Chart.
Advocate for Mayor and City Council new Candidates who advocate for a Table/Chart of Roll Call Votes taken in Public Meetings of Boston City Council, sortable by topic, sortable by City Councilor. The current Boston City Clerks list isn't in sortable format.

Update technology/software of City Clerks Office.
Out of date City Clerks Offices hold back progress of the City.


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Isn't that the purview of the City Council, not the Mayor's Office. I mean, the City Council has next to no power, but they do have the power over the recording of their own proceedings (within, of course, the context of state law regarding the stenographic record of the proceedings of the Boston City Council.)


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I was just going to give the answer. Kevin Hagan White, served 1968-1984.

Joseph Wiley?

Could the better informed members of the U-Hub community share their thoughts on Joseph Wiley? I'm intrigued by the following exchange:

Though he admits, “I may seem like a babe in the woods in a way, because I’ve never run for office,” Wiley's voice tightens as he speaks about the scourge of homelessness, the scale of which he calls “a disgrace” and a “tremendous moral failure.”

It is tied to general issues of affordability, he said, noting that nearly half of Boston residents make less than $35,000 per year, according to 2016 city data.

“What they’re doing, god only knows, how are they possibly surviving?” he wonders. He’s also skeptical of the kinds of metrics showing high approval for the way the current administration is being run.

“I wonder what questions they’re being asked,” he said. “Are you happy paying 40 or 50 percent of your income for housing, do you think the MBTA is adequately meeting your transit needs?”

The city does not control the state-run MBTA, Wiley said, but “the Mayor of Boston should be shouting from the rooftops about the state of the T.”