Racists in court office worked to undermine Arroyo the elder, report says

The Herald reports a judge looking into the Suffolk County probate office found that while Felix Arroyo won a job for which he had no training, he was not helped by racist white workers who may have set out to sabotage him, especially after he dared to hire new employees who were not white.

In an election for an office few care about, Arroyo replaced Patty Campatelli, who, you may recall, was also suspended from the job.




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White racists?

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Where exactly in the article did it state those who mocked and undermined Arroyo were white? The Globe reported on the same story and stated that the employees were not happy that Arroyo hired spanish speaking workers to work the counter....isn't it possible non-white, non-spanish speakers were also involved?

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Also possible

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Flying unicorns who had worked in the office for years resented the belugas who came in as "taking their jobs"

I mean, it never said humans, either.

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Herald: " “racial name-calling” became a problem after he hired minority employees, according to an exhaustive internal report obtained by the Herald."
You think black workers were doing racial name calling because he hired Latinos? I suppose it's possible but all stories leading up to this make it clear it was white workers.

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Really really?

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Bosguy22, did you actually read the Globe article? Or conveniently didn't read this part?

"Older, white employees became resentful when Arroyo hired staffers of color who spoke second languages to work at the front desk and help visitors, many of whom are immigrants, Nesi found.
“There is no doubt that there were issues of racial name-calling and that there were racial tensions in the office, especially after new employees, who were minorities, were hired by Register Arroyo,” Nesi wrote."

"Arroyo was elected in 2014, defeating Patricia Campatelli, who allegedly assaulted an employee after a holiday party. ..An investigator found that Campatelli worked only 15 hours a week and spent much of it taking smoking breaks, playing scratch tickets, looking at East Boston real estate on the Internet, and doing puzzles."

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I hope he sues the county

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Wow I hope Arroyo sues and forces some changes. How about putting on leave while investigating every staffperson who did this: "At monthly staff meetings, some employees would ignore Arroyo and play with their phones or make “snide” comments about his Puerto Rican accent, claiming to not understand him, the report found."
Just like they put him on leave.

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Sue for what?

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He was put on paid leave, which is what one does in a situation like this. As I've been recently bitching about in another post on Adam's website, the reason you put someone on leave during an investigation rather than removing them outright is to prevent a possibility like this, where the subject of the investigation is ultimately cleared.

Moreover, whoever he would sue would have to mount a strong defense, meaning everything and anything would come out.

No, he should accept that the judiciary has his back, take the lessons learned from the classes they made him take, and run for reelection. I'll vote for him, unless he makes this into more of a mess. As for the rest, they should be put on notice, then progressive discipline begins, which can lead up to termination.

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A very useful reminder...

...that two things can be true at the same time:

Arroyo is a horrible choice for that job.

That office is a disaster.

Also, good for the Herald for reporting on this. Calling out bitter old white people isn't exactly their beat.

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Arroyo is OUR CHOICE for the job

He was elected not appointed. It is easy to say we should elect someone with more information about the Probate Court, but that isn't who the people wanted.

That is office is a disaster, everyone knows it. It shouldn't have been a secret to Arroyo, but being the clean-up person is challenging for any management person.

I don't understand how anyone can doubt that he was treated differently because of racism. His predecessor had to give someone a black eye before her ridiculous behavior was interrupted.

The Trial Court needs to take responsibility for the people they hired and train them correctly.

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Who did the racist name calling?

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Judge Nesi noted that recent changes, including bringing in Terri Klug Cafazzo to help run the office, has led to improvements.

Who is Terri Klug Cafazzo and who brought her in, the Trial Court or Arroyo? What is her title and salary? Did they create a new position because Arroyo couldn't handle it or so she could babysit the staff? The article is vague, other than her name, "helps run the office" and she has improved things.

Also, in most public sector (and private) jobs, racist name calling results in termination and possibly criminal charges for violation of Civil Rights. Was anyone disciplined or charged?

Time to fully eliminate elected county government. A half-hearted effort was made under Governor Weld. Sheriffs duties could be handled by DOC, Deeds by the Secretary of State, Probate by the Trial Court which seems to be handling it anyway. Keep the local facilities but eliminate the elected layer. I recently saw a very expensive Middlesex County Sheriffs boat, something the Coast Guard would have. Seriously? An expensive relic of colonial times.

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Right on time

And really reliable.

Thanks for whitesplaining, fishy. Whatever would we do without your ill-informed perspective from an old white guy about what it is like to not be white?

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Did you even bother to read his post?

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Or just jump.to conclusions.

I'm no Fish fan, but for once he actually makes several good points, and I don't see any whitesplaining.

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You made me go back and read the comment, and you are right on the mark. He asks questions, makes cogent arguments, and repeats a suggestion made from across the political spectrum and echoed by our own JohnAKeith- time to finally abolish county government.

I tip my hat to you, ‘Fish. You made a good comment.

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all government hiring is political

Clerks and registrars have a great deal of power over the citizens that are subject to the court. It is a unique and considered issue to elect people to a position that requires understanding of the law, but allowing the state government to appoint a probate registrar may not serve the residents of that county.

That being said, when ask for this kind of job and get it, you should know that day one you need to wrangle a bunch of existing employees that you don't have the power to replace at will. The only thing harder is the ones that fire everyone and reinvent the wheel.

The voters need to take responsibility for asking candidates for their plan to manage their employees.

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How were staff hired?

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The report cites Arroyo for sticking with an employee who was worked on his campaign despite poor performance. It makes me wonder how he selected his other hires. Kudos to him for adding bilingual staff, but what were their other qualifications? I'm betting that the staff he inherited likely included some, probably many, pure patronage hires as well.

A lot of this report rings true, based on what I've seen of Felix over the years. Nice guy, but never managed anything, and never really had much of an impact as an elected official.

More staff are needed, but there needs to a fair process to hire them.

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No way!!

I'm betting that the staff he inherited likely included some, probably many, pure patronage hires as well.

No wonder the old white guys were so upset. That sort of thing could give state government a bad name.

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