Rain doesn't stop the peace walk

Mother's Day Walk for Peace

Tim Smith joined the annual Mother's Day Walk for Peace from Fields Corner to City Hall this morning.



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Serious question

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What does the rainbow flag have to do with gun violence, particularly in this neighborhood?

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Peace flag

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The two rainbow flags differ slightly. Given the context, I'd put good coin on it being a peace flag.

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Serious Response

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Mark down Mothers Day on your calendar next year for a very inspirational and effective march. The Louis D. Brown Institute is profoundly transforming lives through restorative justice action and not just words. Smaller group today in the rain but mighty and powerful experience. As for the flag: why does it matter? ["in this neighborhood" speaks volumes: think about it]....FWIW it was a peace flag which added a lot of color to a gray backdrop.

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How many people have been shot/stabbed/murdered in Boston in the week since the high profile case of the two doctors who did not make headlines? One is too many.

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Tina Chery

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The woman that started this was on Jim Braude. Extraordinarily inspiring woman.

This is a great event, rain or shine!

Thank you Ms. Chery.

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