It's Red Line Groundhog Day: There's another delay

The Red Line is once again going slower than it usually does due to the Davis Square signal problem that first cropped up before yesterday's morning rush hour.



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Yesterday morning + yesterday evening + now this morning.

You'd think with all the signal problems they would learn to actually fix these promptly.


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Look, I defend the T all the time. A Monday morning signal problem? Hey, how can they predict this. A Monday evening commute with the same problem? They probably weren't able to get the fix done, but they will once they shut down for the overnight. The same problem the next morning? It's like they don't care.

Maintenance is something the T should be able to do. If they can't do it, perhaps drastic steps should be taken.

I blame YOU!

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All this talk bashing the T has made T have a case of the bad feels.

Day 2

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Only 35 minutes from South Station to Kendall/MIT including getting kicked off at Downtown Crossing for some reason.

I was on the disabled train

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I was on the disabled train at community college - the door was stuck open on the last car. After 15 minutes of sitting they kicked everyone out of that specific car and proceeded to north station.

Simple reason for that

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It's easy to get money for large capital extensions. It's almost impossible to get money for basic repairs and replacements.

If we really want to get serious about addressing the problems with the T, then the first step is to abolish these outdated rules and restrictions on how and where money is allocated for work. And it shouldn't require endless "environmental" studies and months of public meetings before worn track or an outdated signal system can be replaced.

Just say you're for T privitization

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Instead of this lobbyist language. If the T needs to fix a bus or train, it's easier than getting money for expansion. Case in point, how long has the GLX been locked up in funding disputes?

Where did I say I support privitization? ^^

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Prior to Charlie Baker's decision to "reform" the MBTA by cutting resources, the GLX debacle had little to do with your alleged "funding debacle" and a lot to do with the inability of this state to make timely decisions regarding design and execution of large capital projects - which only serves to drive the costs up. Sadly, satisfying community and politician demands for WASTEFUL and NEEDLESS amenities (cough - fancy glittery stations - cough cough - community pathway - cough), and SELFISH demands (like that nonsense over NOT using an abandoned railroad yard for a layover and maintenance facility) takes priority over doing these projects in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

And relatively simple "capital" projects like replacing worn track, updating horribly outdated signals, etc. etc. should be implemented in a matter of months, not years. Oh wait, that's considered MAINTENANCE - no grant money for you. But you'll get tons of money to install "countdown clocks" that have become an embarrasment, a new system-wide radio upgrade that was unnecessary, and countless other "trinkets and baubles" that do NOTHING to actually improve the service for the riders.

^^ for the record, I do NOT support any proposal to implement Republican patronage for the MBTA or any other transportation system

Made me look

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But even Googling "Lower Mystic Valley Commission" and "orange line" comes up with nothing. But hey, if you care to link to actual things, have at it, unless you are blowing smoke.

Speak of which, you do understand the difference between a vague proposal and something with traction. I mean, people out my way want the Orange Line extended exactly 1 mile, with only one stop, but that doesn't mean it's going to happen any time soon. People can propose anything. There's a proposal to run a maglev between New York and DC. There's a proposal to run the Commuter Rail to New Hampshire. There's a proposal to run high speed rail between Boston and Springfield. That don't mean any of it will happen.

Lower Mystic Regional Working Group

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Its real, and very sad. the Lower Mystic Regional Working Group, aka, the forced Wynn-Beaton forum-a-thon, includes an Orange Line spur to Glendale Sq and a longer version to Copeland Circle in Revere. It's insanity, intended insanity. The study is filled with cheap unsavory options; ie more BRT, and wild expensive subways: but nothing in between; on purpose. No option from this study can be cost-effective and attractive; ie something that will compete with the GLX for funding.

Lower Mystic RWG

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Its the Lower Mystic Regional Working Group, not the "Lower Mystic Valley Commission" Concerning the latter, there's no such entity by that name. The work has flown under the radar because its mainly fluff to fill a Wynn mitigation clause. Nothing is coming from it. I was at the Everett Village Fest this past weekend. Great event, until you walked to far east to the Malden River and were knocked back by the stench. Nobody is walking over a pedestrian bridge to Wynn from the Orange Line unless they love the smell of sewage. The "Lower Mystic" is screwed big time

Luis Ramirez, are you there?

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Luis "transit experience was not high on our priority list" Ramirez was scheduled to start as T GM on Sept 12. Has anyone heard from him, on anything?

Oh, good christ!

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The problems and subsequent delays on the Red Line have reached absolutely asinine proportions! It's ludicrous!

There are too many problems on the MBTA that need fixing, and need to be fixed...on the double.

By how much would you

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By how much would you tolerate having your taxes increased to pay for this?

B/c the money has to come from somewhere.

Personally, if the money was

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Personally, if the money was actually going towards FIXING these issues (signals, etc.), then I'd be THRILLED to pay more taxes for it.

Take part of my salary, MBTA, but not for pensions, upper management/GM salaries- use it to buy those signals. Dear god, please just start fix these effing issues already.

Walkable tunnels that run

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Walkable tunnels that run parallel to all lines. Like how you can go from DTX to Park.

A week like this makes me

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A week like this makes me glad I don't even have a subway option. No need to consider public transportation when you can only plan on it being late.

Depends on the route

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I go from East Boston to UMass Boston which Google Maps says is 7.8 miles. When I drive to school, it takes me 20-25 minutes + 5 minute shuttle ride to campus. If I took the T, It would involve 3 different subway lines (Blue, Orange or Green, and Red) + 5 minute shuttle ride to campus. There have been days when it has taken 30 minutes + 5 minute shuttle, but to budget for dead trains, signal problems, and waiting for trains for 3 different lines it is likely 1-1.5 hours on average. So I save 1-2 hours of commuting time daily, or 3-6 hours/week, by driving. That being said, if there was a Blue to Red connector (train, bus, walking corridor like Park St. to Downtown Crossing), that would improve this commute greatly.*

*Results may not be representative of your commute


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It would be great if there was a ferry from EB to Umass year round. Your commute would be 15-20 minutes.

I Still Prefer the "T"

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Generally speaking, the "T" is far better than driving. This signal problem shouldn't have happened, and it should have been fixed quickly. But I've used public transportation in many cities, and Boston is still better than any of them.


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Don't say that too loud around these parts. They think the T is so bad that it's crumbling.