Red Line trains once again are slow; and that's even without any snow

Yes, signal problems, this time at Park Street, are causing still more problems on the Red Line this morning.

The Globe reports the Red Line has 99 problems, and all of them are related to signals.



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It was bad enough this a.m. that when we got to Park, the green line driver advised of red line delays&encouraged us to "reconsider [our] choices"

He should have told you that

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He should have told you that back at Hynes, Fenway/BU, or Allston/Brookline, when you could have taken an intersecting bus.

Not enough reform

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Either that, or, the T, which can't seem to figure out how to spend money it has (but then goes crying poor, figure that one out) maybe should pony up for a new signal system. Doesn't even have to be CBTC! Chicago runs trains every three minutes using a good, old-fashioned block signal system (portions of main line have trains every two minutes, with even more frequency on the Loop, but the congestion there is not something to emulate). The MBTA can't seem to manage trains every five.


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I'd settle for a consistent 15.


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I just got back from Chicago this past weekend and was AMAZED at trains running every 2-3 minutes without issue, and with space for people to actually sit, stand, and move about.
The past two mornings on the redline have been a harsh wake-up call and return from vacation.
C'mon, MBTA, we can do better.

Guv Baker needs to clean house

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Fire Stephanie "Hair-Brained" Pollack, Spike Luis "Bankrupt" Ramirez

Gonneville, Transportation Secretary
Grabauskas, MBTA GM

Done Son

Terrible this morning on the

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Terrible this morning on the Red Line Half hour wait for the train. Obnoxious people need to take their friggin backpacks off!! And if you have a stroller with NO child in it Fold it up So inconsiderate of those that are standing in a crammed car. Ugh