Red Sox to play tomorrow

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    Call me crazy...

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    But somehow, I think MLB may do better by not flipping the bird to it's rapidly decreasing fan base....

    First, they run the games during work hours, on channels that you can't find without an internet version of the Rosetta stone. And of course, it's national announcers, who had their copy written for them 10 days ago in NY. And are going to yammer their tedious "observations" regardless of what is actually happening real time in the game. (As Eck would say: Yuck!) So if you can find a broadcast you're suicidal within 10 mins, regardless of what John Farrelll is doing to your team.

    Okay, bad enough. But tomorrow's game time is contingent on what happens to NYY/CLE tonite, on channel 888-228-HD-88-ALPHA. So we don't even know, until about 12am, when it is scheduled for.

    Wonder why the sport is dying a slow death?

    I love day games, especially

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    I love day games, especially for families who can't do the 1:00 AM marathon. This business of hiding them on obscure channels is maddening. Why aren't Fox and TBS airing them on broadcast channels, other than because of greasy deals with the two cable providers? It's bad enough I have to subscribe to cable to get NESN, now it's an expanded package to get MLB and FXSports ... makes me wanna get a really good radio.

    Local broadcasters should be allowed to air local games

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    in all major sports, not just the NFL. And times for specific games should not be dependent on the outcome of other games involving different teams.

    The entire system is a complete mess on both the leagues and TV sides, and it's not just for MLB.

    We live in one of the few

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    We live in one of the few areas of the country where MLB isn't superseded by college football. If our state university dropped football, few people would cry about it.

    Want another good one?

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    I pay for cable and my cable company (RCN) has done a really good job of SAML integration with all of these stupid extraneous channels' online options. So, if I want to watch FS1 or MLBN from my office, I just open a browser, log into my RCN account, and watch the game on my computer. Great, right?

    Except for Game 1 when I wanted to catch the game from a bar but had to wait for a bus. Now, I want to watch the MLBN from my phone...except they won't let my phone load the desktop page. And the mobile page tells me to watch MLBN I have to download the AtBat app. I just so happen to already have that on my phone, so I turn it on and find out they want $25 to activate the postseason watching on it. Nevermind that if I were on any other computer connection, I could watch it via RCN....the app requires special payment!

    So even when you CAN navigate their web of bullshit and try to do the right thing, they STILL want to rob you dry.

    Pro-tip: some ios browsers let you choose platform identity

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    Atomic and iCab, on the pad I'm using this moment. I know there are some others that do this trick as well. You can set them so they appear, to web servers, to be macs or pcs.

    (But yeah, it still bites that the cable co/content provider are sticking it to their mobile customers).


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    I used Safari's attempt at "get me the desktop please" and it failed to convince to let me go there. I think if I had the stupid channel would have been serving Flash anyways...sigh.

    Not if the Indians prevail tonight. If that happens, the

    Sox game moves to 7pm, which by the current forecast looks to be a certain washout. Yanks have a 1-0 edge after seven.

    MLB could flip the games so the Sox-Astros could get their game in before the weather turns, but I doubt that would happen. Yankees-Indians is a much better prime-time draw, and it would mean forcing them to play a 1pm game after a night game. Go, Yanks? Ick. That felt terrible.

    I'm grateful to have witnessed one Sox win in this series at Fenway: the Astros are clearly a superior team. Their number 9 guy has better numbers than most of the Sox lineup; their pitching was solid, and then they added Verlander. Oof.

    Some small redemption for Price (he's been genius in this series, especially today) and Hanley this afternoon, and seeing baby-rookie Devers perform so unflappably gives me hope for the future.

    Felt bad for old Sox hand Josh Reddick: he booted a JBJ maybe-an-out, maybe-a-double into a home run: got his glove on it on an athletic, leaping try, but bounced it into the stands fair. Still, it's hard to imagine the Sox pulling out two more, and I was there for Games 4 and 5 of the 2004 ALCS. No Papi, no joy in Mudville.

    I still love Francona, and regardless of whether it's the Tribe or Astros, I expect the AL will win the Series, so I'm pulling for Cleveland.

    Yeah, but...

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    Now the Bruins and Sox are on at the same time...AND the Yankees are still in the playoffs.